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Koala: A Dialogue Model for Academic Research

This repo contains the weights of the Koala 13B model produced at Berkeley. It is the result of combining the diffs from https://huggingface.co/young-geng/koala with the original Llama 13B model.

This version has then been converted to HF format.

My Koala repos

I have the following Koala model repositories available:

13B models:

7B models:

How the Koala delta weights were merged

The Koala delta weights were merged using the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/young-geng/EasyLM

git clone https://huggingface.co/TheBloke/llama-13b

mkdir koala_diffs && cd koala_diffs && wget https://huggingface.co/young-geng/koala/resolve/main/koala_13b_diff_v2

cd EasyLM

-m EasyLM.models.llama.convert_torch_to_easylm \
--checkpoint_dir=/content/llama-13b \
--output_file=/content/llama-13b-LM \

-m EasyLM.scripts.diff_checkpoint --recover_diff=True \
--load_base_checkpoint='params::/content/llama-13b-LM' \
--load_target_checkpoint='params::/content/koala_diffs/koala_13b_diff_v2' \
--output_file=/content/koala_13b.diff.weights \

-m EasyLM.models.llama.convert_easylm_to_hf --model_size=13b \
--output_dir=/content/koala-13B-HF \
--load_checkpoint='params::/content/koala_13b.diff.weights' \


For further support, and discussions on these models and AI in general, join us at:

TheBloke AI's Discord server

Thanks, and how to contribute.

Thanks to the chirper.ai team!

I've had a lot of people ask if they can contribute. I enjoy providing models and helping people, and would love to be able to spend even more time doing it, as well as expanding into new projects like fine tuning/training.

If you're able and willing to contribute it will be most gratefully received and will help me to keep providing more models, and to start work on new AI projects.

Donaters will get priority support on any and all AI/LLM/model questions and requests, access to a private Discord room, plus other benefits.

Patreon special mentions: Aemon Algiz, Dmitriy Samsonov, Nathan LeClaire, Trenton Dambrowitz, Mano Prime, David Flickinger, vamX, Nikolai Manek, senxiiz, Khalefa Al-Ahmad, Illia Dulskyi, Jonathan Leane, Talal Aujan, V. Lukas, Joseph William Delisle, Pyrater, Oscar Rangel, Lone Striker, Luke Pendergrass, Eugene Pentland, Sebastain Graf, Johann-Peter Hartman.

Thank you to all my generous patrons and donaters!

Further info

Check out the following links to learn more about the Berkeley Koala model.


The model weights are intended for academic research only, subject to the model License of LLaMA, Terms of Use of the data generated by OpenAI, and Privacy Practices of ShareGPT. Any other usage of the model weights, including but not limited to commercial usage, is strictly prohibited.