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Deep Learning Inference, Deep Learning Model Optimization

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OpenVINO Toolkit

Make AI inference faster and easier to deploy!

OpenVINO Overview

Learning and practicing AI is not easy, deploying AI in real applications is challenging and hard. We realized that and created OpenVINO – an open-source toolkit for bringing AI models to life on the most widespread and available platforms like x86 CPUs and integrated Intel GPUs. One can use OpenVINO to optimize own model for high performance with the most advanced model optimization capabilities and run those through OpenVINO runtime on various devices. We are driven by the idea to make it easy for a regular person to learn and use AI with minimal investments and unlock innovation with the use of AI to a wide audience. Not only we allow AI inference on the most widespread and popular platforms, but also we provide pre-trained models, educational and visual demos, image annotation tools and model training templates to get you up to speed. Along with good use-case coverage and simple/educational API, OpenVINO is also a toolkit of choice for AI in production by plenty of companies, it is a fully production-ready software solution.


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