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Make all hub models available for conversion to ONNX format.

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Welcome to the working group ONNXConfig for all! 🤗

We are looking for contributing to HuggingFace's ONNX implementation for all available models on the HF's hub. There is already a lot of architectures implemented for converting PyTorch models to ONNX, but we need more! We need them all!

Feel free to join me in this adventure! You can reach me directly on Discord: ChainYo#3610

The full models list can be found on this issue.

If there is a ✅ next to a model, it means that the model is already supported by ONNX. A 🛠️ next to a model means that the PR is in progress and finally if there is nothing next to a model, it means that the model is not yet supported by ONNX and thus we need to add support for it.

If you need some help about implementing an unsupported model, here is a guide from HuggingFace's documentation.

If you want an example of implementation, I did one for CamemBERT some months ago.

Have fun coding! 🎉🚀


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