AI & ML interests

RVC Model Creator & Datasets Creator/Trainer | Audio Isolation | Advanced Vocals Inferencing | Audio Restoration | AI Voice Covers | Create technical guides and documentation... - Advanced inferencing using latest pitch extraction methods; RVMPE+ (Pitch Range, POLYPHONIC), Mangio-Crepe (32-64 HOPS, MONOPHONIC), Hybrid F0+FCPE/RVMPE Median Merge. - Audio restoration, de-noising, de-reverb; using iZotope RX and Ozone, SuperTone - Clear and UVR5. - Audio isolation (MVSEP, UVR5; MDXC23, BS Reformer, VitLarge23, FT, Demucs FT, Customized Scripts for UVR5 models). - AI Voice Covers & Audio mix/mastering; using dynamics, EQ, compression, reverb, adjust instrumental accordingly. - Create documentation for RVC, audio mixing techniques; (Soon to be posted soon on Applio website and AI Hub).


None yet