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lexical semantic change, lexical semantics

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Change is Key!

Change is Key! is a research program in which we aim to create computational tools to turn text into a story of both our language, our societies and culture and how these have changed over time.

Firstly, we will develop corpus-based methods for detecting semantic change (over time) and variation (across social groups and media types). This will create general tools for the study and detection of language change at large-scale and directly benefit historical linguistics and lexicography. Secondly, in collaboration with researchers from each field, we aim to answer research questions in social sciences, gender studies, and literary studies. The program spans six years (2022 - 2027) with a total of 11 researchers, one research engineer and six partner universities.

This research program is funded by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond under reference number M21-0021 for a total of 33.5 Million SEK.

People and places

This program is spearheaded by Nina Tahmasebi at the University of Gothenburg's Linguistics and Theory of Science unit (FLoV).

Team members are, in alphabetical order:

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