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Open-source medical Large Language Model (LLM)

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BioMistral 7B is the best performing open-source medical Large Language Model (LLM) in this weight category.

We've publicly released the weights for BioMistral 7B on Huggingface and our full multilingual benchmark on GitHub.

This project is the result of the collaboration between:

🏛️ LIA - Avignon University (1) 🏛️ LS2N - Nantes University (3)
🏥 Nantes University Hospital (2) 🏢 Zenidoc (4)

Authors : Yanis LABRAK (1,4) ; Adrien BAZOGE (2,3) ; Emmanuel MORIN (3) ; Pierre-Antoine GOURAUD (2) ; Mickaël ROUVIER (1) ; Richard DUFOUR (3)

Caution: We recommend using BioMistral 7B strictly as a research tool and advise against deploying it in production environments for natural language generation or any professional health and medical purposes.