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license: other
license_name: yodayno-2
license_link: LICENSE
pipeline_tag: text-to-image
  - en
  - anime
  - art


"what are these names you guys are choosing lol"

detailed hnnng-dx hnnng

first model i spent a good amount of time tuning since awoo, thanks to everyone in touhou ai discord for sharing models and posting cirnos.

objectively correct / reccomended settings:

  • true linear beta scheduler (optional, used if you want to recreate some of these prompts)
  • dpm++ 2s ancestral karras
  • 15+ steps
  • any detailer with ddpm
  • cfg > 7
  • resolution of 768x works well
  • negative prompt of (low-quality worst-quality:1.4) (bad-anatomy) (inaccurate-limb:1.2) bad-composition inaccurate-eyes extra-digit fewer-digits (extra-arms:1.2)
  • DONT USE CommaSpace! USE DASHES!!! 1girl, hatsune miku -> 1girl hatsune-miku


  • ao
    • soushiki, help with some recipies, 60% of loras used in hnnng
  • nocrypt
    • colab, something v2.2, migus
  • novelai
    • You Know Why.
  • imi/aha
    • reminding me to use huggingface and not civit

more comparisons:
1girl cup guitar brown-hair instrument shirt brown-eyes solo curtains indoors mug sitting holding hair-ornament chair short-hair holding-cup hairclip window shorts short-sleeves plant white-shirt wooden-floor bangs t-shirt electric-guitar looking-at-viewer
detailed hnnng-dx hnnng

1girl hatsune-miku
detailed hnnng-dx hnnng

1boy black-hair blue-eyes closed-mouth full-moon green-hair long-sleeves looking-at-viewer male-focus mole mole-under-eye moon scarf shirt solo suspenders upper-body white-shirt yellow-scarf
detailed hnnng-dx hnnng

1girl solo wings pink-hair blush long-sleeves short-hair heart spoken-heart bird-wings animal-ears brown-dress earrings dress brown-headwear open-mouth hat bird-ears blurry red-eyes blurry-background single-earring winged-hat looking-at-viewer white-wings hair-between-eyes frills
detailed hnnng-dx hnnng