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This specific file was bodged together by ham-handed hedgehogs. If something looks wrong, it's because it is.
If you're not a hedgehog, you shouldn't reuse this code. Use this instead:
import streamlit as st
import mem_calc
from models import models
st.set_page_config(page_title="Memory calculator", layout="wide")
.reportview-container {
top: -80px;
</style>""", unsafe_allow_html=True)
models = list(models.keys()) # respect the original order because py37
model = st.selectbox('Model architecture', models, index=models.index("gpt2-l"))
col1, col2 = st.columns(2)
optimizers_names = ('32-bit', '16-bit', '8-bit', 'factorized')
optimizers_values = ['adam', '16-bit-adam', '8-bit-adam', 'adafactor']
optimizer ='Adam / LAMB states', optimizers_names)
checkpoint = col2.checkbox("Gradient checkpointing", value=True)
offload = col2.checkbox("Offload optimizer", value=False)
share_params = col2.checkbox("Share parameters", value=False)
with st.expander("More options"):
batch_size = int(st.number_input('Microbatch size (sequences)', min_value=1, step=1, value=1, format="%i"))
precisions_names = ('Full', 'Mixed ("O1")', 'Pure 16-bit')
precisions_values = ('O0', 'O1', 'O3')
precision = st.selectbox('Precision', precisions_names, index=1)
sharing_groups = int(st.number_input('Shared parameter groups (used if Share parameters is checked)',
min_value=1, step=1, value=1, format="%i"))
args = mem_calc.parse_args(f"""
--model {model} --optimizer {optimizers_values[optimizers_names.index(optimizer)]}
{'--checkpoint' if checkpoint else ''} {'--offload' if offload else ''}
--fp16-level {precisions_values[precisions_names.index(precision)]} --bsz {batch_size}
{f'--shared_groups {sharing_groups}' if share_params else ''}
memory = mem_calc.calculate_memory(args)
cols = st.columns(2)
cols[0].metric("GPU total", f"{memory['total_mem']:.2f} GB")
cols[1].metric("Offloaded to RAM", f"{memory['cpu_mem']:.2f} GB")
cols = st.columns(2)
cols[0].metric("Parameters", f"{memory['model']:.2f} GB")#, f"{memory['model']/memory['total_mem'] * 100:.2f} %", delta_color="off")
cols[1].metric("Activations", f"{memory['grad']:.2f} GB")#, f"{memory['grad']/memory['total_mem'] * 100:.2f} %", delta_color="off")
cols = st.columns(2)
cols[0].metric(f"Optimizer ({'CPU' if offload else 'GPU'})", f"{memory['cpu_mem'] if offload else memory['optim']:.2f} GB")#, f"{memory['optim']/memory['total_mem'] * 100:.2f} %", delta_color="off")
cols[1].metric("CPU-GPU Transfer", f"{memory['overhead'] * 1000:.2f} ms")