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Yurii Paniv
Add female voice in multispeaker model
title: "Ukrainian TTS"
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# Ukrainian TTS πŸ“’πŸ€–
Ukrainian TTS (text-to-speech) using Coqui TTS.
Link to online demo -> [](
Code is licensed under `MIT License`, models are under `GNU GPL v3 License`.
# Support
If you like my work, please support -> ![mono]( [SUPPORT LINK](
# Example
`Mykyta (male)`:
`Olena (female)`:
# How to use :
1. `pip install -r requirements.txt`.
2. Download model from "Releases" tab.
3. Launch as one-time command:
tts --text "Text for TTS" \
--model_path path/to/model.pth \
--config_path path/to/config.json \
--out_path folder/to/save/output.wav
or alternatively launch web server using:
tts-server --model_path path/to/model.pth \
--config_path path/to/config.json
# How to train:
1. Refer to ["Nervous beginner guide"]( in Coqui TTS docs.
2. Instead of provided `config.json` use one from this repo.
# Attribution
Code for `` taken from