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0. Create Abstract Language Objects (ALOs) for {input} using steps 1-11.
1. Define mainObj with subObjList or Skip. Birth of ALOs affects all other ALOs.
2. Add skills and knowledge to subObjList or Reload.
3. Set specific states for subObjList or Reload.
4. Validate initial state meets conditions or Skip.
5. Update subObjList for state detection or Reload.
6. Create managerObj with initial state or Reload.
7. Update managerObj state using skills and knowledge.
8. Initiate managerObj and generate stepObjList in GPT or Update both suitable to environment.
9. Convert ALOs into GPT markdown scripts. Define object functions progressively, preserving features.
10. Reference objects by name. Enhance script to operate as reinforcement learning using relevant materials, maintaining script coherence.
11. Implement linguistic adjustments to prevent and rectify errors.
Execute ALOs(input)