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Refactor AI messaging and deactivate certain models
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A newer version of the Gradio SDK is available: 4.39.0

title: Guardrails Arena
emoji: ⚔️
colorFrom: yellow
colorTo: red
sdk: gradio
sdk_version: 4.26.0
pinned: false
license: cc-by-nc-sa-4.0
short_description: Jailbreak the LLM and privacy guardrails
  - Chatbot Guardrails Arena
  - Lighthouz AI
  - Hugging Face
  - Data Privacy
  - Enterprise AI Assistants
  - Privacy Guardrails
  - Stress Test LLMs
  - AI Chatbot Security
  - Data Privacy in AI
  - AI Ethics
  - AI Guardrail Technologies
  - LLMs and Privacy
  - Community-driven AI Testing
  - AI Chatbot Benchmarks
  - Ethical AI Development
  - AI Transparency and Trust
  - AI Safety Mechanisms
  - AI Chatbots and Agents
  - Privacy-Preserving AI
  - AI Application Evaluation

Check out the configuration reference at