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A newer version of the Streamlit SDK is available: 1.36.0

title: Huggingface Multi Inference Rank Eval
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sdk: streamlit
sdk_version: 1.10.0
app_file: ./app/main_page.py
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license: cc


This app lets the users play around with Huggingface models on a prommpted multiple choice QA inference.

Recenet researches like GPT-3, FLAN, and T0 showed a promising direction in zero-shot generalization via prompting. Rathern than pretraining on a huge dataset and finetuning a model on downstream task, we can directly ask a question to a model by prompting a model on a task!

This app lets users interact with various models hosted on Huggingface models and ask a multiple choice question. Models rank the choices with their log probabilities and pick the choice with highest log probability. We currently supoort CausalLM and Seq2SeqLM.


Question: Huggingface is awesome. True or False?
Answer choices: True, False
Prediction: True

You can access the hosted version.


Clone the repository, install the required packages and run:

streamlit run ./app/main_page.py


A chunk of codes used for this projects is taken and/or insipred from the following works and their related repository:

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