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A newer version of the Gradio SDK is available: 4.36.1

title: TestMongoDBMovies
emoji: πŸ“Š
colorFrom: gray
colorTo: purple
sdk: gradio
sdk_version: 4.15.0
app_file: app.py
pinned: false
license: apache-2.0

This simple ChatBot is designed to communicate with MongoDB Atlas Vector Search movies data set.

It uses OpenAI ada embeddings to query the database for semantic similarity search.

How to setup

  1. Create an Atlas cluter (free clusters are available)
  2. Load sample data
  3. Deploy the relevant Vector Index on sample_mflix.embedded_movies
  4. Obtain your Open AI api key
  5. "Duplicate" this space and input
    • MONGODB_ATLAS_CLUSTER_URI - Your Atlas Cluster connection string
    • OPENAI_API_KEY- Open AI API key

Build and query the chat!