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copy the climategan repo in here

A newer version of the Gradio SDK is available: 4.38.1

  1. Understand the file structure:
    1. architectures in
    2. data loading in
    3. data transformation
    4. optimizers in
    5. utilities in
    6. training procedure in
  2. Write tests in tests/
    1. your file should match test_*.py
    2. update existing tests when adding functionalities
    3. run tests regularly to check you haven't broken anything python tests/
  3. Add WIP in your PR's title when not ready to merge
  4. Open an Issue if something's odd, or to assign yourself a todo
  5. Format your code with black
  6. Only update trainer/defaults.yaml with values that should be shared across runs and users
    1. use config/trainer/local_tests.yaml or any other to setup your particular config overriding trainer/defaults.yaml

Running tests

As per 7. you should set your particular config in config/local_tests.yaml. Mine looks like:

output_path: /Users/victor/Documents/ccai/github/climategan/example_data
# -------------------
# -----  Tasks  -----
# -------------------
#tasks: [a, d, h, s, t, w]
tasks: [a, d, s, t] # for now no h or w
# ----------------
# ----- Data -----
# ----------------
  files: # if one is not none it will override the dirs location
    base: /Users/victor/Documents/ccai/github/climategan/example_data
  - name: hflip
    ignore: false
    p: 0.5
  - name: resize
    ignore: false
    new_size: 256
  - name: crop
    ignore: false
    height: 64
    width: 64
    n_res: 1
    n_res: 1

  log_level: 1

Setting n_res to 1 is important to run tests faster and with less memory