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End-of-chapter quiz

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End-of-chapter quiz

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Test what you learned in this chapter!

1. The emotion dataset contains Twitter messages labeled with emotions. Search for it in the Hub , and read the dataset card. Which of these is not one of its basic emotions?

2. Search for the ar_sarcasm dataset in the Hub . Which task does it support?

3. How does the BERT model expect a pair of sentences to be processed?

4. What are the benefits of the method?

5. What does dynamic padding mean?

6. What is the purpose of a collate function?

7. What happens when you instantiate one of the AutoModelForXxx classes with a pretrained language model (such as bert-base-uncased ) that corresponds to a different task than the one for which it was trained?

8. What’s the purpose of TrainingArguments ?

9. Why should you use the 🤗 Accelerate library?