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license: openrail++

Civitai & Sample prompts

CounterfeitXL-V2.0 has been primarily trained on the latest illustrations but encounters a recurring issue with the appearance of halos.
In such cases, please include 'halo' in negative prompts.

I have incorporated style tags into some of the training images. By describing these tags in the prompt, various effects can be achieved.
Additionally, inserting style tags into negative prompts or combining them allows for the generation of images that align with your imagined.

Style Tags
masterpiece: Beautifully and intricately drawn illustrations.
cinematic style: Stunning illustrations with detailed backgrounds and lighting.
aesthetic style: Illustrations featuring beautiful color schemes.
cute style: Cute.
flat color: Illustrations with strong lines and a minimal color palette.
anime style: Anime.
comic style: Illustrations characterized by bold color choices and abstract representations.