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license: other
- text to 3d
- shap-e
- shape_e
- point-e
- blender
- Blender addon
inference: false
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this is an implementation of the Shap-E openai
but is bunddel as an addon a blender
no need to download more glb files
use localy inside blender
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## Shap_E Addon Configuration Options
- **Prompt Batching:** This option controls how many prompts the AI processes at a time. If you have a large number of prompts, increasing the batch size can speed up the generation process. However, keep in mind that a larger batch size requires more GPU memory. If you encounter memory issues, try reducing the batch size.
- **Seed:** This value initializes the AI's random number generator. Changing the seed will yield different outputs for the same prompt. Setting the seed to 0 will generate a new random seed for each model, producing a variety of models from the same prompt.
- **Guidance Scale:** This controls the degree to which the AI attempts to match your prompt. A higher value means the AI works harder to match your description, whereas a lower value allows the AI more creative freedom. Adjust based on your needs.
- **Number of Inference Steps:** This determines the number of iterations the AI performs when generating your model. More steps can result in more detailed and accurate models, but will also take longer to generate.
- **Batch:** This is the number of models the addon will generate for each prompt in your batch. For example, if you set the Batch to 3 and enter two prompts, the addon will generate six models in total (three for each prompt).
These options provide a great deal of flexibility in controlling how the Shap_E addon generates your 3D models. By experimenting with these settings, you can find the perfect balance between speed, accuracy, and variety in your outputs.
For more information and tutorials on how to use these options effectively, please check out our [guide on the addon's page](https://devbud.gumroad.com/l/Shap-e). Also, don't forget to follow us on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/DevBud7) for the latest updates and tips!