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( model_name: str pretrained: bool = False pretrained_cfg: Union = None pretrained_cfg_overlay: Optional = None checkpoint_path: str = '' scriptable: Optional = None exportable: Optional = None no_jit: Optional = None **kwargs )

Create a model.

Lookup model’s entrypoint function and pass relevant args to create a new model.

**kwargs will be passed through entrypoint fn to `timm.models.build_model_with_cfg()` and then the model class __init__(). kwargs values set to None are pruned before passing.

Keyword Args: drop_rate (float): Classifier dropout rate for training. drop_path_rate (float): Stochastic depth drop rate for training. global_pool (str): Classifier global pooling type.


>>> from timm import create_model

>>> # Create a MobileNetV3-Large model with no pretrained weights.
>>> model = create_model('mobilenetv3_large_100')

>>> # Create a MobileNetV3-Large model with pretrained weights.
>>> model = create_model('mobilenetv3_large_100', pretrained=True)
>>> model.num_classes

>>> # Create a MobileNetV3-Large model with pretrained weights and a new head with 10 classes.
>>> model = create_model('mobilenetv3_large_100', pretrained=True, num_classes=10)
>>> model.num_classes


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( filter: Union = '' module: str = '' pretrained: bool = False exclude_filters: Union = '' name_matches_cfg: bool = False include_tags: Optional = None )


  • filter - Wildcard filter string that works with fnmatch —
  • module - Limit model selection to a specific submodule (ie ‘vision_transformer’) —
  • pretrained - Include only models with valid pretrained weights if True —
  • exclude_filters - Wildcard filters to exclude models after including them with filter —
  • name_matches_cfg - Include only models w/ model_name matching default_cfg name (excludes some aliases) —
  • include_tags - Include pretrained tags in model names (model.tag). If None, defaults — set to True when pretrained=True else False (default: None)

Return list of available model names, sorted alphabetically

Example: model_list(‘gluon_resnet’) — returns all models starting with ‘gluon_resnet’ model_list(’resnext*, ‘resnet’) — returns all models with ‘resnext’ in ‘resnet’ module