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You are viewing v1.7.3 version. A newer version v1.14.0 is available.
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🤗 Optimum can be installed using pip as follows:

python -m pip install optimum

If you’d like to use the accelerator-specific features of 🤗 Optimum, you can install the required dependencies according to the table below:

Accelerator Installation
ONNX runtime python -m pip install optimum[onnxruntime]
Intel Neural Compressor (INC) python -m pip install optimum[neural-compressor]
Intel OpenVINO python -m pip install optimum[openvino,nncf]
Graphcore IPU python -m pip install optimum[graphcore]
Habana Gaudi Processor (HPU) python -m pip install optimum[habana]

If you’d like to play with the examples or need the bleeding edge of the code and can’t wait for a new release, you can install the base library from source as follows:

python -m pip install git+https://github.com/huggingface/optimum.git

For the accelerator-specific features, you can install them by appending #egg=optimum[accelerator_type] to the pip command, e.g.

python -m pip install git+https://github.com/huggingface/optimum.git#egg=optimum[onnxruntime]