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πŸ€— Optimum Intel

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πŸ€— Optimum Intel

πŸ€— Optimum Intel is the interface between the πŸ€— Transformers and Diffusers libraries and the different tools and libraries provided by Intel to accelerate end-to-end pipelines on Intel architectures.

Intel Neural Compressor is an open-source library enabling the usage of the most popular compression techniques such as quantization, pruning and knowledge distillation. It supports automatic accuracy-driven tuning strategies in order for users to easily generate quantized model. The users can easily apply static, dynamic and aware-training quantization approaches while giving an expected accuracy criteria. It also supports different weight pruning techniques enabling the creation of pruned model giving a predefined sparsity target.

OpenVINO is an open-source toolkit that enables high performance inference capabilities for Intel CPUs, GPUs, and special DL inference accelerators (see the full list of supported devices). It is supplied with a set of tools to optimize your models with compression techniques such as quantization, pruning and knowledge distillation. Optimum Intel provides a simple interface to optimize your Transformers and Diffusers models, convert them to the OpenVINO Intermediate Representation (IR) format and run inference using OpenVINO Runtime.