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Update your Endpoint

You can update running Endpoints to change some of the configurations. However, if your endpoint is in a failed state, you need to create a new Endpoint. To update your endpoint you need to navigate to the “settings” tab.

Currently, only the instance size and autoscaling options can be updated and we are working on adding support for task type and revision as well.

Instance size

You can update the instance size of your Endpoint in the Endpoint overview menu to match your evolving needs. For example, you can downsize to a smaller instance type if you don’t need the compute or alternatively, you can upgrade to a larger instance type if you need to increase your compute.

You’re only allowed to update your current instance type, CPU or GPU. In other words, you can’t update from one instance type to another (CPU to GPU or vice versa).

Instance Type selection


You can update the autoscaling configuration of your Endpoint in the Endpoint overview menu. Adjust the minimum and maximum number of replicas to upscale or downscale your Endpoint.