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Managing collections

You are viewing v0.19.0.rc0 version. A newer version v0.20.3 is available.
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Managing collections

Check out the HfApi documentation page for the reference of methods to manage your Space on the Hub.


class huggingface_hub.Collection

< >

( **kwargs )


  • slug (str) — Slug of the collection. E.g. "TheBloke/recent-models-64f9a55bb3115b4f513ec026".
  • title (str) — Title of the collection. E.g. "Recent models".
  • owner (str) — Owner of the collection. E.g. "TheBloke".
  • items (List[CollectionItem]) — List of items in the collection.
  • last_updated (datetime) — Date of the last update of the collection.
  • position (int) — Position of the collection in the list of collections of the owner.
  • private (bool) — Whether the collection is private or not.
  • theme (str) — Theme of the collection. E.g. "green".
  • upvotes (int) — Number of upvotes of the collection.
  • description (str, optional) — Description of the collection, as plain text.
  • url (str) — (property) URL of the collection on the Hub.

Contains information about a Collection on the Hub.


class huggingface_hub.CollectionItem

< >

( _id: str id: str type: CollectionItemType_T position: int note: Optional[Dict] = None **kwargs )


  • item_object_id (str) — Unique ID of the item in the collection.
  • item_id (str) — ID of the underlying object on the Hub. Can be either a repo_id or a paper id e.g. "jbilcke-hf/ai-comic-factory", "2307.09288".
  • item_type (str) — Type of the underlying object. Can be one of "model", "dataset", "space" or "paper".
  • position (int) — Position of the item in the collection.
  • note (str, optional) — Note associated with the item, as plain text.

Contains information about an item of a Collection (model, dataset, Space or paper).