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πŸ€— Hub client library

You are viewing main version, which requires installation from source. If you'd like regular pip install, checkout the latest stable version (v0.23.0).
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πŸ€— Hub client library

The huggingface_hub library allows you to interact with the Hugging Face Hub, a machine learning platform for creators and collaborators. Discover pre-trained models and datasets for your projects or play with the hundreds of machine learning apps hosted on the Hub. You can also create and share your own models and datasets with the community. The huggingface_hub library provides a simple way to do all these things with Python.

Read the quick start guide to get up and running with the huggingface_hub library. You will learn how to download files from the Hub, create a repository, and upload files to the Hub. Keep reading to learn more about how to manage your repositories on the πŸ€— Hub, how to interact in discussions or even how to access the Inference API.


All contributions to the huggingface_hub are welcomed and equally valued! πŸ€— Besides adding or fixing existing issues in the code, you can also help improve the documentation by making sure it is accurate and up-to-date, help answer questions on issues, and request new features you think will improve the library. Take a look at the contribution guide to learn more about how to submit a new issue or feature request, how to submit a pull request, and how to test your contributions to make sure everything works as expected.

Contributors should also be respectful of our code of conduct to create an inclusive and welcoming collaborative space for everyone.

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