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The how-to guides offer a more comprehensive overview of all the tools 🤗 Datasets offers and how to use them. This will help you tackle messier real-world datasets where you may need to manipulate the dataset structure or content to get it ready for training.

The guides assume you are familiar and comfortable with the 🤗 Datasets basics. We recommend newer users check out our tutorials first.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at Chapter 5 of the Hugging Face course!

The guides are organized into five sections:

  • General usage: Functions for general dataset loading and processing. The functions shown in this section are applicable across all dataset modalities.
  • Audio: How to load, process, and share audio datasets.
  • Vision: How to load, process, and share image datasets.
  • Text: How to load, process, and share text datasets.
  • Dataset repository: How to share and upload a dataset to the Hub.

If you have any questions about 🤗 Datasets, feel free to join and ask the community on our forum.