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language: en
- squad_v2
license: mit
thumbnail: https://thumb.tildacdn.com/tild3433-3637-4830-a533-353833613061/-/resize/720x/-/format/webp/germanquad.jpg
- exbert
- name: deepset/roberta-base-squad2-distilled
- task:
type: question-answering
name: Question Answering
name: squad_v2
type: squad_v2
config: squad_v2
split: validation
- name: Exact Match
type: exact_match
value: 80.8593
verified: true
- name: F1
type: f1
value: 84.0104
verified: true
## Overview
**Language model:** deepset/roberta-base-squad2-distilled
**Language:** English
**Training data:** SQuAD 2.0 training set
**Eval data:** SQuAD 2.0 dev set
**Infrastructure**: 4x V100 GPU
**Published**: Dec 8th, 2021
## Details
- haystack's distillation feature was used for training. deepset/roberta-large-squad2 was used as the teacher model.
## Hyperparameters
batch_size = 80
n_epochs = 4
max_seq_len = 384
learning_rate = 3e-5
lr_schedule = LinearWarmup
embeds_dropout_prob = 0.1
temperature = 1.5
distillation_loss_weight = 0.75
## Performance
"exact": 79.8366040596311
"f1": 83.916407079888
## Authors
**Timo Möller:** timo.moeller@deepset.ai
**Julian Risch:** julian.risch@deepset.ai
**Malte Pietsch:** malte.pietsch@deepset.ai
**Michel Bartels:** michel.bartels@deepset.ai
## About us
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<img alt="" src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/deepset-ai/.github/main/deepset-logo-colored.png" class="w-40"/>
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[deepset](http://deepset.ai/) is the company behind the open-source NLP framework [Haystack](https://haystack.deepset.ai/) which is designed to help you build production ready NLP systems that use: Question answering, summarization, ranking etc.
Some of our other work:
- [Distilled roberta-base-squad2 (aka "tinyroberta-squad2")]([https://huggingface.co/deepset/tinyroberta-squad2)
- [German BERT (aka "bert-base-german-cased")](https://deepset.ai/german-bert)
- [GermanQuAD and GermanDPR datasets and models (aka "gelectra-base-germanquad", "gbert-base-germandpr")](https://deepset.ai/germanquad)
## Get in touch and join the Haystack community
<p>For more info on Haystack, visit our <strong><a href="https://github.com/deepset-ai/haystack">GitHub</a></strong> repo and <strong><a href="https://docs.haystack.deepset.ai">Documentation</a></strong>.
We also have a <strong><a class="h-7" href="https://haystack.deepset.ai/community">Discord community open to everyone!</a></strong></p>
[Twitter](https://twitter.com/deepset_ai) | [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/company/deepset-ai/) | [Discord](https://haystack.deepset.ai/community) | [GitHub Discussions](https://github.com/deepset-ai/haystack/discussions) | [Website](https://deepset.ai)
By the way: [we're hiring!](http://www.deepset.ai/jobs)