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license: apache-2.0

This dataset contains <title, encoded_image> pairs from Medium articles. It was processed from the Medium Articles Dataset (128k): Metadata + Images dataset on Kaggle.

The original images were processed in the following way:

  1. Given an image of size (w, h), we cropped a square of size (n, n) from the center of the image, where n = min(w, h).
  2. The resulting (n, n) image was resized to (256, 256).
  3. The resulting (256, 256) image was encoded into image tokens via the dalle-mini/vqgan_imagenet_f16_16384 model.

Note that this dataset contains ~128k entries and is too small for training a text-to-image model end to end; it is more suitable for operations on a pre-trained model like dalle-mini (fine-tuning, prompt tuning, etc.).