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  - config_name: default
      - split: validation
        path: data/validation-*
      - split: test
        path: data/test-*
    - name: instruction
      dtype: string
    - name: image
      dtype: image
    - name: task
      dtype: string
    - name: split
      dtype: string
    - name: idx
      dtype: int64
    - name: hash
      dtype: string
    - name: input_caption
      dtype: string
    - name: output_caption
      dtype: string
    - name: validation
      num_bytes: 766327032.29
      num_examples: 2022
    - name: test
      num_bytes: 1353530752
      num_examples: 3589
  download_size: 1904598290
  dataset_size: 2119857784.29

Dataset Card for the Emu Edit Test Set

Table of Contents

Dataset Description

Dataset Summary

To create a benchmark for image editing we first define seven different categories of potential image editing operations: background alteration (background), comprehensive image changes (global), style alteration (style), object removal (remove), object addition (add), localized modifications (local), and color/texture alterations (texture). Then, we utilize the diverse set of input images from the MagicBrush benchmark, and for each editing operation, we task crowd workers to devise relevant, creative, and challenging instructions. Moreover, to increase the quality of the collected examples, we apply a post-verification stage, in which crowd workers filter examples with irrelevant instructions. Finally, to support evaluation for methods that require input and output captions (e.g. prompt2prompt and pnp), we additionally collect an input caption and output caption for each example. When doing so, we ask annotators to ensure that the captions capture both important elements in the image, and elements that should change based on the instruction. Additionally, to support proper comparison with Emu Edit with publicly release the model generations on the test set here. For more details please see our paper and project page.

Licensing Information

Licensed with CC-BY-NC 4.0 License available here.

Citation Information

  title={Emu Edit: Precise Image Editing via Recognition and Generation Tasks},
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