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"He helped to found the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) and Texas Rural Legal Aid during the 1940s."
"Sanchez became involved with the American GI Forum, the National Council of La Raza and various migrant farm worker organizations."
145 (subsequently,)
""Then click the``Paper Clip""button in the Note Editor, and select the image file from your hard drive in the file dialog to insert the image in to the note.""
"You can use any handheld device that runs the iOS or Android operating systems to take a picture and insert the picture immediately."
10 (alternately,)
"That's a long way for a program that began with a field surrounded by Australian pines, no locker room and no weight room."
"FAU is a program that under Cooney and his staff's direction has consistently ranked among the best in the nation."
120 (presently,)
"FORT DRUM, N.Y. - Throughout its history, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team , 10th Mountain Division (LI) has maintained 3,000 to 4,000 Soldiers."
"Soldiers receive assignments to multiple duty stations throughout their careers."
166 (typically,)
"They continued to dig noting that there were pick marks on the walls of the pit where someone before them had dug out the pit."
"Every ten feet they found a layer of logs."
35 (curiously,)
"Although I longed for his touch, I moved from him, standing."
"I pushed the denim over my hips, taking my underpants off as I did."
138 (slowly,)
"The first test contains all the information necessary to understand the intent and implementation of the test."
"The second test pulled the creation of the validation instance and the stub into a setup method."
107 (on_the_other_hand)
"I know many people who have been average at reasoning and at quant but have done wonderfully at the GMAT thru sheer practice and hard work."
"People who call the GMAT an IQ test should have a look at some of the MBA tests in India and I'm sure they'll change their opinion."
64 (in_contrast,)
"Feeley, Sage Rosenfels, Brian Griese, Gus Frerotte, Cleo Lemon, Daunte Culpepper, and Joey Harrington did to my client."
"Let's give my client a break."
69 (in_sum,)
"that was almost like his identity for the longest (time)."
"he would get a little temperamental."
140 (sometimes,)
"But all work and no rest has left her exhausted, limiting her to bed rest in the moments before her first fashion show."
"Chuck saves the day by setting up the runway just the way Blair likes it so that it's ready when she returns."
86 (luckily,)
"The federal district court properly dismissed the claim against Foley."
"We hold that the district court did not err in dismissing the claims against the Succession and Thomas Keller."
97 (next,)
"For the same two reasons why the iPhone has succeeded beyond all expectations."
"Microsoft was infinitely better at consumer marketing than Big Blue."
43 (first,)
"He also attacked Severus Snape after the latter murdered Albus Dumbledore."
"The only people with whom Harry ever initiated a duel were Snape and Bellatrix and he only desired to do so right after they killed someone he loved."
80 (ironically,)
"All anyone has to do is look at your incoherent rants and your childlike artwork to know that you are unbalanced."
"Here we have DDB employee, Shari Strader, commenting on the page."
50 (further,)
"If politics also precludes that possibility, then it would be rational to compromise other Social Security reform objectives so as to reduce trust fund accumulations."
"Relative to a first-best reform with effective prefunding, smaller benefit levels would be appropriate."
142 (specifically,)
"This ensures that the association of an endnode with its targeted endnodes does not change without explicit direction from an authorized management entity."
"Primary and a fail-over list be maintained for high availability."
119 (preferably,)
"Faster than 6MBps."
"A fast ethernet card can push through."
153 (theoretically,)
"The task of raising $16 million is at least as challenging as the Island Temple's construction."
"An elite team of supporters from 45 countries gathers the financial resources and sends them monthy to Kauai."
14 (amazingly,)
"^_^ it's always nice to be recognized in costume."
"I think I'd be happier being recognized by one or two fans while in an obscure costume."
117 (personally,)
"Light beams emitted from the light source lamp 30 illuminates an original on the platen glass 28 and is reflected therefrom."
"The reflected light beams are incident on and reflected off the first reflector 36, and are then incident on the second reflector 38."
145 (subsequently,)
"After playing in all 82 regular season games during his sophomore season, Bynum has played in 35 , 50 , 65 and 54 games respectively afterward."
"During the brutal lockout-shortened schedule this season, the Lakers' center has been perhaps the healthiest of his entire career."
129 (remarkably,)
"You can't sue when something is true now can you?"
"I know his fan base is deeply disturbed but you need to realize that Olbermann is even nuttier than you are."
126 (really,)
"Third, the data reported by each respondent are not readily comparable among countries."
"Some respondents reported data for the year 2005, while others reported data for the year 2006."
45 (for_example)
"The reported rollback was an apparent reference to Pakistan's decision not to respond publicly to unexpectedly rapid advances this year in India's ballistic missile program."
""They have included the successful test in November of India's first``strategic""missile, the 3,500km-range Agni-IV.""
135 (significantly,)
"as intelligent as he was, he simply didn't understand japanese."
"She peered into the well's depths, wrinkling her nose as a familiar smell caught at her."
35 (curiously,)
"Not to justify the discrepancies in the exchange rates, but there are often a great deal of behind the scenes dealings/agreements that can serve to balloon the price of goods."
"In Canada, Sony had a distribution agreement in place with a Canadian company dating back to the mid-50's or 60's."
46 (for_instance)
"My personal auto insurance has some coverage - it's a additional $250 to purchase it with the package."
"Without question if you are going to rent a car in Ireland you need to get rental insurance."
1 (absolutely,)
"Because expression of this gene is much more robust in male samples , 323.3, we excluded possibility of sample mixup."
"We considered that values equal or below the 8.1 threshold were not reliable."
156 (therefore)
"Behind them is another man, about 6 feet tall, with a confident stance and wide grin, accompanied by an elegant woman."
"Eyes turn and whispers are traded."
62 (immediately,)
"But no, Amazon selling 3D printers is not new."
"The promise of 3D printing is very great."
29 (certainly,)
"Powdered clay soils are preferred for building stations."
"Stations are spaced at 550 yard intervals with consecutive stations located on alternate sides of a road."
166 (typically,)
"This can be very tiring, but if you give it enough time, and keep trying, you will learn a lot."
"What you will learn will be tolerance, which we pay a lot of lip service to, but don't necessarily practice."
61 (ideally,)
"No; they\'re following the function for which they were designed."
"Checks: you start off with two colors of yarn, and set up a warp using alternating segments of yarn."
84 (likewise,)
"Market Fresh: Help celebrate National Farmers Market Week."
"There are more than 8,100 farmers markets, up from about 5,000 in 2008."
94 (nationally,)
"A worn or damaged internal transfer pump, plunger, or fueling valve can affect the pressure and the amount of fuel injected, thus reducing the power from the engine."
"If the fuel-injection pump is injecting fuel from one outlet, it will deliver from all outlets."
52 (generally,)
"Can you?"
"Gels haven't been around as long as running 13 miles has been around."
1 (absolutely,)
"Talk with your child's doctor to find out if this is possible."
"Parents can do a directed donation of blood to be used only for their child."
103 (occasionally,)
"Across California, three straight years of budget cuts have created a financial emergency in our schools."
"Schools have lost $18 billion in funding during the last three years, roughly a third of what it costs to run our schools for a year."
32 (collectively,)
"The analysis results suggest that the HCI can identify incipient fan bearing failures and describe the bearing degradation process."
"The work presented in this paper provides a promising method for fan bearing health evaluation and prognosis."
114 (overall,)
"I love that he's able to use Wired as a venue for launching future bestsellers."
"Honestly, I might have preferred the podcast of his presentation on the topic."
160 (though,)
"You could call it a 'private palace' and be right."
"The intelligent layout of the villa makes it easy to find your room and not get lost."
47 (fortunately,)
"I guess we all do some dumb things when we're young."
"It's great to see that he's pain free now in his ankle because it had really gotten the best of him by the end of his career with the Dodgers."
128 (regardless,)
"participants were instructed not to change their training intensity or volume, thus no overload throughout the duration of the study occurred."
"No effect of the training or HMB-Ca was observed on indices of damage."
19 (as_a_result,)
"The pair are losing a minute per km (it is like Landis in '06)."
"Frank goes it alone with 2 kms to go, but the damage has been done."
70 (in_the_end,)
"Therefore, the salesperson should work toward a reasonable profit margin that allows BOTH companies to benefit and thrive."
"There's a balance that must be obtained."
76 (inevitably,)
"In the am there was coffee and some sort of breakfast - I didn't eat."
"No complaints AT ALL."
114 (overall,)
"Put the flesh into a food processor fitted with a steel blade; add the tahini paste, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pulse until smooth."
"You can mash the eggplant with a fork."
10 (alternately,)
"It is reckoned justice, not injustice, that a dealer should charge to all customers the same price for the same article, not a price varying according to their means of payment."
"It exerts a tacit influence on the line of defence employed for other modes of assessing taxation."
2 (accordingly)
"Thanks, that makes sense."
"Despite my best Googling, I can't find a clear and concise description on how to get the child to listen to the parent."
109 (only,)
"( The ratio is less than 1.5 to 1 in this case since it takes time for the savings to materialize)."
"However, these net savings cannot be used for budget enforcement like pay-as-you-go rules because of their uncertain nature."
100 (notably,)
"So what do I think about this?"
"Ryan is the wrong pick."
48 (frankly,)
"The delegation has before it the names of 10 finalists for the board, which will oversee the Nov. 4 elections."
"The new board will be responsible for hiring a director for the county office of elections and voter registration, which has been led by an interim director since February."
63 (importantly,)
"Nothing was ever recovered."
"There's someone or several someones in Blackpool who don't want the documentary to be made."
95 (naturally,)
"With the Regina, Saskatchewan native back in the lineup, the Flyers have leadership, physicality and a proven scoring touch all wrapped up in one surly red-haired package."
"The biggest thing Hartnell will immediately bring back to Philly is leadership."
18 (arguably,)
"A court struck down the beverage rule just before it was to take effect last month; the city is appealing."
"The city is working on a $250,000 social media and ad campaign to warn teens that they risk hearing loss from listening to personal music players at high volume."
90 (meanwhile,)
"Once you had get past the Bumper Car Bump Off level, you will reached a point of no return."
"Collect all your 99 lives before proceeding."
156 (therefore)
"When Gennesus remained steadfast in his new faith, even when interrogated by the court and the emperor himself, he was tortured and slain."
"The mocker of Christ became a martyr for Christ."
161 (thus,)
"i just didn't want to add everything."
"If you search for a word that you know is somewhere in the site it returns a NOTHING FOUND."
36 (currently,)
"During production, component and subassembly manufacturing 116 and system integration 118 of the aircraft 110 takes place."
"The aircraft 110 may go through certification and delivery 120 in order to be placed in service 122."
154 (thereafter,)
"We also studied a set of data that was collected for other purposes to gauge how network structure affects time perception, and how people report travel time."
"The network in downtown Minneapolis consists of a very tight grid of streets, so the block sizes are relatively small."
46 (for_instance)
"Spark your inner adrenaline junkie by tapping into cool winter sports that take place both indoors and outdoors."
"Get tips for maintaining a positive attitude all winter long."
118 (plus,)
"Then she placed the crystal sphere on top of it."
"She recited a verse in that same elf-like tongue."
7 (again,)
""It's``occurred""and not``occured . ''""
"Count your blessings."
107 (on_the_other_hand)
"the coolest thing in his tank, however, was his giant red and grey rocket ship!"
"It seemed to be broken, as it never took him anywhere except in his imagination, but how he loved to swim through the portholes in its fuselage!"
169 (unfortunately,)
"But, I am not familiar with the method that the shallow well was dug."
"It is a 'well point' system."
116 (perhaps,)
"However, Dr. Steven Shin - hand specialist for the Los Angeles Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Angels and Anaheim Ducks - could not have made me feel more important."
"His - and the entire Kerlan-Jobe staff's - customer service skills were second to none."
164 (truly,)
"The affected rule was 29 CFR 1917.71."
"on jan. 9 , 2009, in 74 fr 858, osha published a correction to clar-ify the employers' duty to each employee regarding the above."
154 (thereafter,)
"Meanwhile, some of the central PostNuke developers have left that project, forking it into software that originally was known as LostNuke and now goes by the name of Xaraya."
"XOOPS seems (from what I can tell) to be an object-oriented rewrite of PHPNuke."
42 (finally,)
"I tested both Photoshop versions in 32-bit Microsoft Windows Vista and in Macintosh OS X Leopard."
"Mac users are left out in the 32-bit-ter cold this time around."
169 (unfortunately,)
"But whistleblowing - and the reactions to it - have many co.. Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) are among the most harmful health care-associated infections and a major patient safety concern."
"CLABSI rates have been reduced thr...."
94 (nationally,)
"Adobe have recently released its Spry Ajax framework for public beta-test by developers and I've been playing with this baby for a while."
"Here's some kind of report of what I have learned."
15 (and)
"There is an obvious deficiency in the Riemann surface for z."
"The branch points and ro are missing."
93 (namely,)
"If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound."
"Successfully complete adventure mode with all characters once, then complete adventure mode again on the medium difficulty setting with Godzilla 2000."
10 (alternately,)
"One of the best preschooler series we've ever seen, and nary a product placement in sight."
"if you've got wee ones, check this out."
134 (seriously,)
"As a de jure matter, the law applying to the contractors is insufficiently clear, and as a de facto matter, there is no such law."
"Conspiracy theories abound."
170 (unsurprisingly,)
"They were joined by experts on social security, senior politicians and top civil servants."
"One leaves such a meeting with an incredible insight of the opportunities and obstacles in reducing the impact of one of the world's most significant public health challenges."
76 (inevitably,)
"The 1995 TRIPS agreement provides a unique opportunity to learn about this question for two reasons."
"The adoption of the agreement was uncertain until shortly before adoption, making it a plausibly exogenous change to patent duration."
43 (first,)
"Then, the panel is applied to the desired wall surface with pressure sensitive adhesive 26 mounting the panel in a desired relation."
"End panels 10 would first be applied and then intermediate panels 12 would be applied in interfitting relation to end panels 10 and with each other."
99 (normally,)
"There are too many other good reasons to build your own LFS system to list them all here."
"Education is by far the most powerful of reasons."
70 (in_the_end,)
"A signal could also be constructed for imaging array clocking purposes in the form of a pulse train which the imaging array clock generator could phase lock to."
"Any rate inaccuracy or stabilization shortcomings associate with the roll motion could be overcome."
27 (by_doing_this,)
"Additionally, the survey results illustrated the anxiety many companies have about potential data loss and its negative consequences of customer dissatisfaction or even customer loss."
"these data protection concerns have many companies feeling pressure to fortify their data."
72 (in_turn,)
"Indigenous people lose out because the issue isn't about access to resources but controlling them."
"They may have fewer options to defend themselves against such an assault, but it doesn't resemble biological competition at all."
5 (admittedly,)
"He was also President of the Australian Academy of Science from 2006 to 2010, to which distinguished body he was elected in 1984."
"Given such a record, Kurt Lambeck has received many international awards and distinctions."
170 (unsurprisingly,)
"He explains that he had been at Mona's party as a prank to scare some girls in the woods when he stumbled across Aria in Ezra's car."
"Noel attends Hanna's welcome home party."
83 (later,)
"Caves are hard on boots."
"I buy cheap ones ($ 25), which will last me about 10 trips before falling apart."
117 (personally,)
"there are those who are under the impression that all of the troops are com-ing home and that the conflicts in the middle east and elsewhere are over."
"Of course, is not the case."
159 (this,)
"If you can remove a comment that reveals stupidity or needs correcting before it has been responded to...more power to you."
"You must take your medicine."
113 (otherwise,)
"America right now has no way to put people into space except to hitch a ride with the Russians."
"The Chinese are ramping up their space program."
90 (meanwhile,)
"complained brian boughton in a letter to the times on tuesday."
"He neglected to mention the fact that he subsequently nailed the bird to a tree to act as a deterrent to other gulls."
104 (oddly,)
"GPS did not work--was not even recognized on the BB."
"however, bb maps would work in manual mode."
35 (curiously,)
"Not intended to advise that nothing should be done against a manifestly threatening con- tingency."
"A seconJ forthcoming draft for a Bull to meet the needs of the case came to be taken into consideration."
2 (accordingly)
"I know that there is probably an easy way and I am just overthinking it."
"I know that you've used LiveBinders."
42 (finally,)
"Pakistani Christians have faced deadly attacks, including a church bombing that killed more than 80 people."
"Among the top 25 most populous nations, Brazil, the Philippines, Japan, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo had the least restrictions and hostilities involving religion."
26 (by_contrast,)
"We love him way too much to ever want to be without him."
"Celia, who normally goes through stress-induced whacko scratching with people she doesn't know, was sweet as hell whenever anyone picked her up."
149 (surprisingly,)
"Certainly, the governor is."
"The legislative leaders are."
29 (certainly,)
"So where does that leave us?"
"New Ohio driver's licenses and identification cards debuting in January 2013 likely will cost more, require additional documentation and take longer to get."
125 (realistically,)
"For me, it is time for some soul searching and self reflection."
"The truth will be known."
70 (in_the_end,)
"However, in the hustle and bustle, they made a tenfold error in the publishing (3.5% becomes 35 %)."
"Web-savvy people are posting comments like confetti regarding what could easily be passed off as a typo or calculation error."
146 (suddenly,)
"First, Brainiac and Darkseid join forces to defeat the Super Friends in``The Wrath of Brainiac . ''"
""In``Reflections in Crime ,""Mirror Master, master of all reflected images, traps the Super Friends in the sixth dimension.""
83 (later,)