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"The building then became home to the famed Niagara Falls Museum in 1958, with its world-renowned collection of Egyptian artefact's."
"It was discovered the museum had been home to the actual mummy of King Ramesses I!"
14 (amazingly,)
"All you really need to know about the components of a compelling retail Customer Value Proposition (CVP) is contained in the headline above."
"If you are short on time, or have a short attention span, you are excused."
139 (so,)
"Michele Canini scored the team's second own goal of the campaign after Davide Brivio gifted Lazio, putting them on a par with Pescara."
"Canini represented Cagliari from 2005 to 2012."
35 (curiously,)
"although killing one person can produce a greater aggregate of individual goods, it inevitably does so by excluding a person from the shared good."
"By killing an innocent person we must be seeking some other good beside the common good."
167 (ultimately,)
"Certain statements included in this press release are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995."
"This press release should be read in conjunction with Senesco's periodic filings with the SEC."
19 (as_a_result,)
"I was beginning to formulate questions to which my preachers and teachers at my church could not adequately answer."
"I was no longer part of the youth group."
40 (eventually,)
"These hypotheses have been extensively discussed in the light of recent advances in comparative genomics (see for example [6] and [7] and references therein)."
"The idea that some DNA viruses originate by reductive evolution from a cellular ancestor was boosted by the discovery of a giant eukaryotic virus: the Mimivirus [8]."
79 (interestingly,)
"We're headed out to the regional medical facility at Camp Taqaddum with the wounded."
"We get there in time."
59 (hopefully,)
"Similarly, our findings, as well as those of Kern et al., did not link AE with hunting."
"A previous study in Austria (33) identified hunting as the most notable observed risk factor (OR 7.83 , 95% CI 1.16-52.77)."
64 (in_contrast,)
"She had opportunities today, and the match certainly could have gone either way."
"Alexa and Mary Anne are playing some commanding doubles."
162 (together,)
"A world where you may no longer get to read this blog."
"these new rules can be struck down, which is what an internet law expert, interviewed here, predicts :."
59 (hopefully,)
"Walton also expressed concern that Sprinkle might not receive a home visit or teaching when she was due for both in the following month."
"The relationship between HMS/Lori Brill and Medfusion was based on Lori Brill referring her Medicaid clients to Medfusion and in turn Medfusion paying her kickbacks for doing so."
161 (thus,)
"Be very careful with this."
"Your driver's license won't be doing you much good if you are in prison on the revocation."
102 (obviously,)
"It's what everyone wants to do, right?"
"It's still out there."
150 (technically,)
"At this point it was deathpunk luminaries Turbonegro's turn to bring the schlock."
"greasepaint affords a band the opportunity to defy father time, if not indefinitely, then for a fair while at least (example a: kiss)."
153 (theoretically,)
"After all, if you make a joke about a guy's unsuccessful eBay auction, you're making fun of everyone involved."
"Frank himself spun this into me having something against the Wounded Warrior Project, and it was, of course, a cheap shot that almost everyone saw right through."
95 (naturally,)
"NASA the went back and looked at their data and corroborated the British Antarctic Survey results."
""When the satellite era``discovery""of the ozone hole became part of the pop culture, pop science almost universally ignored the lessons of Dobson's research.""
80 (ironically,)
"sadly, i keep writing about student-police post-game duke confrontations, which weren't very amusing from the sound of things."
"Here's a post-game tale that's a big cheerier."
54 (happily,)
""I don't think it is possible to have an``on demand""deepening of religious experience anyways.""
"We just saw a light display of a purple hippopotamus with a santa hat on someone's front lawn!"
65 (in_fact,)
"I have deep admiration for those who do share a significant amount of their wealth through private giving."
"So much of the work nonprofit organizations do would not be possible without these gifts."
29 (certainly,)
"The value of formulation, then, has come to be empirically questioned even while retaining its status as a vital professional competence."
"all practitioners face the challenge of attempting to understand their clients' difficulties; in this sense the activity of formulation is inescapable."
18 (arguably,)
"some may interpret these results as failing to demonstrate that adding nicotine gum to bupropion improves quit rates."
"I see a 38% quit rate at end of treatment as being meaningfully better than 31 %."
117 (personally,)
"In drafting my bill, I worked with California's only foie gras producer - Guillermo Gonzalez with Sonoma Foie Gras - to give the industry time to find an alternative to force-feeding."
"Gonzalez urged Gov."
72 (in_turn,)
"Second of all, please don't put them right in front of the section header, because that will screw it up."
"Most of those pictures are just pictures of Ash or Dawn or May taken from those particular videos, which really doen't help the article."
158 (thirdly,)
"American song in the second half of the nineteenth century underwent a tremendous commercial expansion, which extended into the twentieth century and indeed has not abated today."
"Sheet music and pocket songsters were the primary means of circulating songs, since many Americans played and sang music in their own homes."
77 (initially,)
"He is safe to trust something to."
"Now, it may be possible in an overwrought world to do something about the criminals, the insane, about war, the antisocial hatred man feels for man."
116 (perhaps,)
"There was a big fireplace in the house but we never used it."
"It was just the hearth with a grate."
92 (mostly,)
"What does this mean for you?"
"Your project will be expertly printed and we can save you money in the process."
167 (ultimately,)
"those are the lakers strength, they should play up to it."
"We become the Hornets whose offense has really stunk it up."
113 (otherwise,)
""A man's lustful thoughts is a``big""issue?""
134 (seriously,)
"Of course, I don't mean what makes people actually homosexual, biologically, or what inspires them to desire gay sex."
""What makes men appear``gay""within popular culture and thought to be gay even by gay men themselves?""
124 (rather,)
"in the context of fire apparatus, a dealer of fire apparatus, one that takes title to the apparatus before selling it to its eventual owner, is a merchant under the ucc."
"A fire company selling its used apparatus to another fire company, either directly or through a broker, is likely not a merchant."
34 (conversely)
"These databases permit potential candidates to review lender costs, mortgage terms, money specifications, etc."
"You select the bank that is correct."
27 (by_doing_this,)
"Presenting on the Giant Stride."
"I was quite excited."
7 (again,)
"In case of dogs, the existence is more by choice rather than by compulsion because dogs are considered as best friend of man."
"Software providers of online casinos have provided dog themed online slots game either in cute way or in comic way for their players."
156 (therefore)
"The employer further contended that there had been a change in the workforce of the company and it was not possible to provide the same training to a new employee."
"The CO issued its final determination denying certification because the employer's infeasibility to train argument was not persuasive."
154 (thereafter,)
"while no data on real-world performance or fuel economy gains is available yet, the system has a tremendous amount of promise."
"it would allow further downsizing of engines from today's small-displacement turbos, like ford's ecoboost line."
167 (ultimately,)
"Why such a bold statement?"
"It's because it's true."
48 (frankly,)
"A government commission of experts that originally rejected the plan on environmental grounds was increased by 34 members and asked to review the project again, after which they approved it."
"the pipeline is backed by russian president vladimir putin."
31 (coincidentally,)
"Petersen said it's unclear how long the road will be closed."
"motorists should use route 201 and interstate 70 to detour around the slide."
71 (in_the_meantime,)
"As the aim of this study is to detect discontinuity sets with high resolution data, it is better to detect lineaments seperately."
"Reason minimum value of 1 is selected."
21 (because_of_that)
"I completed classes in the school's Marbella and Barcelona campuses, and now attend the Madrid campus."
"i am interning at the wine company bodegas real."
137 (simultaneously)
"Kaplansky was originally from Chicago; her father was the noted mathematician Irving Kaplansky (1917-2006)."
"She would sometimes perform math-related songs composed by her father, who was also an accomplished pianist."
83 (later,)
"Although Stalin's record was certainly quantitatively worse and more murderous than Hitler's by 1939 and indeed up to 1941, the Nazis certainly made up for lost time afterwards."
"Buchanan implies that Hitler was the lesser evil, in part because Communism was more exportable than Nazism."
64 (in_contrast,)
"Microarray analysis was performed on mRNA isolated from proliferative and hypertrophic zone cells of tibial growth plates from five rats of each of three ages (P (49/53/58) )."
"Microarray analysis illustrated an increase in NKCC1 mRNA between proliferative and hypertrophic cells."
50 (further,)
""When your character's actions led to the death of her character's best friend, did it seem to you to``work""for her?""
"All that interesting business about adopting goblins and kobolds."
118 (plus,)
"However, more and more scholars are discovering striking Hebrew parallels in the Book of Mormon, supporting that scripture's claim that it has strong ties to the Jews and their learning."
"Several researchers, George Tate, John W. Welch, and Avraham Gileadi, have noted that one of the most important of all Hebrew motifs, the exodus cycle, is woven throughout 1 Nephi."
127 (recently,)
"The baking soda will react as soon as it hits the acid (in this case, buttermilk and perhaps acids present in the baking powder)."
"I'm guessing after several hours you'll be working with a lot less leavening power than after those first 30 minutes."
13 (altogether,)
"gen. fitzhugh lee found this, and reported it to army headquarters."
"Lt. Gen. Thomas J."
19 (as_a_result,)
"That is the lead Republicans want to see in Gallup's generic ballot."
"Honestly, the Swingometer probably undercounts the gains Republicans will get in a wave year."
160 (though,)
"We chatted with some mutual friends in the cafeteria at the V & A Museum, then went to Fortnum and Mason's for Tea with another mutual friend!"
"she came all the way to fareham, to join me at the igkt silver jubilee there!"
152 (then,)
"Analysis of the total proteins of E. muris and IOE by two dimensional electrophoresis showed that both E. muris and IOE have the same antigenic proteins."
"Studies on post-translational protein modifications using a novel technique, Eastern blotting, showed that E. muris proteins are more lipoylated and glycosylated than those of IOE."
42 (finally,)
"The main drive carries the OS, programs, installed games, etc.., then I have a storage drive I use for long-term storage of downloads, game installations, etc."
"I'd like an external hardware RAMdisk to store my pagefile on."
61 (ideally,)
"At last, Sorel throws its hat in the flip-flop ring with the introduction of the Women's Lake Slide Sandal."
"Because its a Sorel it's going to be a cut above-and the Lake doesn't disappoint with classy all-leather construction and rubber pods on the sole for traction on wet surfaces."
95 (naturally,)
"Later on, speech and occupational therapy--which helped with issues such as language skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills--were also helpful."
"This family replaced physical therapy, which their child disliked, with dance class, which helped integrate her into the community."
53 (gradually,)
"And then there are those times when I'm in a rush."
"Only fast will do."
146 (suddenly,)
"I guess they shaved some weight off the AC hub design somewhere."
"They didn't use weaker materials to save weight."
59 (hopefully,)
"Operations at the patient station 18 are controlled by a microcontroller 162 which communicates with other components of the I/O board 70 via a transceiver 163."
"the microcontroller 162 is an intel 87c52, and the transceiver 163 is a linear tech lec485."
119 (preferably,)
""He also made notes on the true colors of the West, such as``shadows of horses should be a cool carmine & Blue"", to supplement the black and white photos.""
""Art critics later criticized his palette as``primitive and unnatural""even though it was based on actual observation.""
80 (ironically,)
"While Niger has had limited success in staunching the migrant flow toward the north, neither Libya nor Algeria honor the ECOWAS ID card, and both have reasonably effective border security forces."
"Many migrants end up seeing Agadez twice."
33 (consequently)
"There are a lot of medications and supplements which can improve men's health and bring a man back to life, but they do not work every time."
"There are alternative remedies for men's health."
47 (fortunately,)
"But there is no mention of a nativity scene anywhere on the campus."
"There is considerable controversy over the scheduled placement of a Christmas tree in Leverett House."
75 (indeed,)
"For more, click here."
"Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC (ADIB) said it's seeking changes in local land ownership rules that could open ownership of shares of the emirate's biggest Shariah-compliant bank to foreigners."
133 (separately,)
"Same for area, these numbers are usually revealed under strict NDA."
"All PowerVR G6xxx GPUs have USCs (Unified Shading Clusters); The USSE v2 shading engine is specific to PowerVR Series5XT GPUs, therefore your formula is incorrect."
60 (however)
"My wife had to work today and I don't feel like I should have been required to stay at I hit the gym for an epic 2 hr chest workout."
"S I hit Wally World and grabbed some milk, bread and a copy of Expendables2 on sale for $12.99."
6 (afterward)
"These studies did not reveal any adverse effects from exposure to paracoccus pigment."
"Consumers will not be directly exposed to paracoccus pigment, but to carotenoids remaining in the fish that have consumed the color additive in their diet."
63 (importantly,)
"Use a Scroll: If you are casting a spell from a scroll, you have to decipher it first."
"To cast a spell from a scroll, you must have the scroll's spell on your class spell list."
99 (normally,)
"alternatively, the off-activating surface 120 can include a flexural member."
"The off-activating surface 120 is formed of plastic."
119 (preferably,)
"Ahead of Apple's official iPhone 5s announcement, rumors circulated that Apple, for the first time, was going to introduce a gold-colored iPhone."
"The reaction was somewhat muted as folks envisioned an over-the-top and gaudy-looking iPhone being introduced into the mix."
95 (naturally,)
"I did some research on YouTube after watching this film to see what Julia Childs was really like."
"She is just as Meryl Streep portrayed her; big hearted, quite loud and very bubbly."
170 (unsurprisingly,)
"And Flying-types are weak against Rock-type attacks."
"A Flying-type Pokémon like Dragonite would have the advantage over a Ground-type like Krokorok, and that would put him at a disadvantage."
99 (normally,)
"After meeting with NYRA management personnel, the executive board responded with an ultimatum: either accept the mini-dealer assignments at Saratoga or be subject to disciplinary suspension."
"The agreement had provided that a New Regular's job assignment could be moved only once in a day."
112 (originally,)
""NonPrimary means that the expression is not a``primary""expression (like LetExp in OCL).""
""You should use nonPrimary on any expression (i.e., with``operatored""superclass) that is not represented using an operatorTemplate (therefore, not left-recursive), but that is right-recursive.""
150 (technically,)
"Can skill alone overcome $300-400 invested into a character?"
"but it still sucks."
87 (maybe,)
"I pulled in trout, flounder and drum until my arms could no longer function."
"I loaded up the car and wearily headed home."
152 (then,)
"Tata Steel declined to comment on whether it plans to raise public deposits."
"Mahindra & Mahindra announced that it would be seeking public deposits to augment its working capital needs."
127 (recently,)
"Most of the lodge's staff plans to attend Morgan's funeral today."
"Boandl said the lodge's staff plans to donate money to a fund for Morgan's son."
15 (and)
"13 was not the top half of a split frame and transfers control to block 750."
"Block 750 displays the frame and transfers control back to block 710."
145 (subsequently,)
"Should plan on securing a summer internship in the summer after the junior year."
"Employers are making their full-time hiring decisions from their internship pool."
74 (increasingly,)
"George Bush March 18 , 2003."
"There is no question that we have evidence and information that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical particularly."
172 (well,)
"This cinema tells stories and it has produced artisticfigures Kunst- figurenand idols."
"This medium intrigues me."
102 (obviously,)
"In their minds, the downside outweighs the upside."
"However, investors will demand such value-added from advisors."
74 (increasingly,)
"Previously, we found that c-Abl and Arg non-receptor tyrosine kinases are activated in breast cancer, melanoma, and glioblastoma cells, and promote cancer progression."
"Imatinib prevents intrinsic resistance by promoting doxorubicin-mediated NF-kB/p65 nuclear localization and repression of NF-kB targets in a STAT3-dependent manner, and by preventing activation of a novel STAT3/HSP27/p38/Akt survival pathway."
135 (significantly,)
"Upon the implosion of the housing inflation bubble, the collateral supporting the securities was clearly impaired in addition to the defaults on the sub-primes."
"Not all the loans in those securities were non-performing and not all of the collateral supporting those loans was reduced to zero."
29 (certainly,)
"So we were a good starting point to simplify it to just adding those missing pieces."
"Linux is the culmination of this trend."
18 (arguably,)
"taylor's parents often traveled while she was growing up, and they still do so now."
"Taylor has spent most of her time with her paternal grandparents."
22 (because_of_this)
"While they may sound convincing, their gestures speak louder than their words."
"They reveal their deceit nonverbally."
33 (consequently)
"using the preset temperature data and the recorded radiation data, ir device 11 calculates an estimated emissivity value associated with the surface of wafer 10."
"IR device 11 is an IR camera or an IR microscope system with automatic emissivity capitalization capability."
119 (preferably,)
"Does he look like a menace to society?"
"I've met Type 2 moms but the other day I encountered a Type 3 at Borders."
92 (mostly,)
"I have been constantly monitoring Googlebot crawling on my website and my webmaster account."
"I have found two issues that I have not been able...."
82 (lately,)
", how do we distinguish between 'action' and 'operation'?"
"The possible research questions are numerous: What is an information 'activity'?"
7 (again,)
"At any rate, in this brief search, I have not found that quote attributed to Friedman."
"It is Jonah Goldberg's tongue-in-cheek summary of the views of Michael Ledeen."
124 (rather,)
"i also hope that when they say that they are 'converts', it means that they were received into the church very recently."
"I must admit that this is not always the case."
130 (sadly,)
"This article is a inspired by some of the ideas which seem be constantly floating around my mind whenever I think about or read about operating systems."
"Every time-served OS-geek carries a mental list of this sort around with them?"
148 (surely,)
"But when the guest of honor, Eleanor Van Heusen, falls face first into her plate of spaghetti, the guests are suddenly witnesses to a murder!"
"Inspector Bungles is there to help solve this whodunit."
86 (luckily,)
"Carefully spreading it out, she held the painting under the sliver of light and looked at it for a long and somber moment."
"With a determined nod, she set her jaw."
152 (then,)
"This structure is formed by stronger hydrogen bonding."
"This creates larger clusters and reduces the ease of movement (increasing viscosity)."
72 (in_turn,)
"description: coca-cola, an atlanta-based company, is the world's best known corporate brand."
"Its history is intertwined with the story of international marketing and Atlanta's rise in the twentieth century."
95 (naturally,)
"I must admit that my first 10 choices would be the same but after that, I disagree on some."
"Here is my 2010 NHL mock draft."
16 (anyway,)
"And distractions, include editing, changes that focus as the minutiae becomes the target instead."
"I was under the presumption that what was posted was the opening (because most 13s here are)."
158 (thirdly,)