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"Then, when standards were finalized, the competitor already had most of the design completed and could finish it in time for a quick market launch."
"Flux in industry standards delayed the competitor's project but not as thoroughly as it did the inflexible project."
68 (in_short,)
"Optionally, this user interface can display a speed dial assignment, as similarly discussed above."
"The speed dial assignments performed using the example user interfaces can be used with different types of lines and telephonic devices serviced by different carriers."
110 (optionally,)
"Browe had wiggled his eyebrows seductively toward me after divulging this information, and even as I pen this piece now I'm astounded."
""Jacob``Humble""Browe is a visionary.""
164 (truly,)
"And the two, despite fighting for the second time in the evening, kept the pace high until the final bell."
"It was Johns who was awarded the razor-thin split-decision win , 47-48 , 48-47 and 48-47."
70 (in_the_end,)
"The iPad may be the cause of Safari's dominance here, being as it's well suited to browsing the mobile web (and Android tablets are not (yet) as dominant as the iPad)."
"Flurry's data shows entertainment and utility apps took 8% apiece, while productivity and news apps only accounted for 2% of usage each."
37 (elsewhere,)
"Further to that point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker."
"If an application for a closure were made to you in the course of the debate, you would consider that matter."
121 (presumably,)
"For example, students can use a split screen to read a passage and answer a question at the same time."
"Students can use a highlighting tool to mark important passages as they read."
111 (or,)
"His answer was pure invention, but the Soviets didn't know that."
"Several Soviet swimmers began sporting mustaches in competition."
146 (suddenly,)
""So this``could""potentially be all about something else than the arbritage game.""
"From what I see from the others here arbritage seems most likely reason."
173 (yet,)
""I find it odd that I of all people could seem so``spiritual""as she put it, since I am an atheist and a natural skeptic.""
"I find it very intriguing."
96 (nevertheless)
"The product is set to launch in about 40 countries on November 1st."
"One of those countries will be China, which has never before been a launch region for the iPad."
135 (significantly,)
"Wait, does that mean that pickle juice chemicals only worked for a certain person in relieving pain?"
"But there's a better explanation to that, which is the placebo effect."
87 (maybe,)
"Looks like Bruce's badassery just can't be conveyed through conventional means."
""These costumes based on``The Fifth Element""characters are very well done.""
143 (still,)
"When speaking with your insurance provider, ask if they will pay for organ recovery charges associated with the operation and medications after transplant."
"Insurance companies will pay about 80% of your hospital charges."
171 (usually,)
"Born in Wisconsin on March 17 , 1880, Alice B. Nickey, came to Billings by wagon with her parents, Jerome and Margaret Nickey, in 1883."
"Married James G. Fraser in Billings, September 24 , 1897."
0 ([no-conn])
"The form begins by inviting the subject to describe a neutral event and explore their reaction to the event, including how they experience it in their bodies."
"they examine the narrative they attach to the event based on their core beliefs, and the cycle of self-destructive behaviors that can result from that narrative."
53 (gradually,)
"35 percent are minority-owned."
"Only 21 percent of all companies are headed by minorities."
94 (nationally,)
"This real-time element means there are some commonalities with other parts of IBM's big data stack; particularly InfoSphere Streams, the company's event processing engine."
"This acquisition also complements the company's Mobile First portfolio of offerings by providing a new granular source of network and app usage data to exploit."
158 (thirdly,)
"Society has no business passing moral judgment."
"In fact, was the reasoning of the U.S. Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas (2003) when it struck down state sodomy laws."
159 (this,)
"And do we really think America is great when this is happening on our own shores?"
"It is happening all over the world."
126 (really,)
"However, you often kiss your stuffed pals when you haven't seen them in a while, and you sometimes have your toys kiss one another."
"Most of us have to make do with your blowing a kiss on your way up to bed."
89 (meantime,)
"The property is surrounded by four paved streets and is adjacent to existing single family homes on approximate 1/2 acre lots."
"The property is zoned a combination of R-A (Residential Agricultural) and C-P-S (Scenic Highway Commercial)."
120 (presently,)
"When we had our follow-up ultrasounds, her son's cyst was gone and my daughter looked completely normal."
"We each got a month to stress about the health of our children."
71 (in_the_meantime,)
"I hit a railroad crossing going 50 in my Camaro once...Well, my t-tops weren't latched for whatever reason, and they both went for a flight."
"They landed in the ditch on opposite sides of the road, and all I had to do was clean the mud out of them!"
86 (luckily,)
"Any guesses on how far along the East pool construction will be by then and/or heard when the pool is slated to be complete?"
"Should I cancel the Villa room and try and wait for an opening for a non-Villa room?"
42 (finally,)
"For real time constraints?"
"This all boils down to a scheduling problem."
39 (essentially,)
"Many Kurdish workers earn only $50 to $100 a month."
"Some local businessmen say the Kurdish areas are not immune from the cronyism and shakedowns that plague the rest of the Middle East."
90 (meanwhile,)
"Now, how about some Irish fishing techniques?"
"When hand grenade fishing there are 3 steps."
99 (normally,)
"but, everybody can find an hour or so to spare on meaningless things, so just why maybe not spend this hour doing activities, by buying a gym account?"
"You can find three key facets to presenting a healthy lifestyle: good workout program, diet and resting is also vital."
49 (frequently,)
"Browne will be chairing the designer-curated sale, now in its twentieth year, which kicks off tomorrow night."
"He explains why he's a big supporter of such a fashionably charitable initiative [THE FEAST NY]."
56 (here,)
"Then influence is assessed from the Jacobian matrix showing the interaction parameters of each species with every other species in the community."
"The eigenvalues of the Jacobian allow an assessment of the stability of the species assemblage at equilibrium in terms of first-order effects of all of the other species."
142 (specifically,)
"Thus, a virtual space can be expressed in a more realistic manner."
"Processed images that address the needs of the user in terms of the design and the information disclosure can be generated according to the circumstances."
156 (therefore)
"For example, the DCT coefficients may be altered to a larger degree for an image with higher texture content as the watermark would be hidden better in the textural variations."
"The DCT coefficients are only slightly altered for an image with lesser textural content."
34 (conversely)
"For example, the fan stop period can be prolonged during the nighttime, because the temperature in the equipment is low, so that the data transfer can be performed definitely."
"The temperature in the equipment becomes high during the daytime, because the equipment is often in use."
10 (alternately,)
"With lethal injection, it's a bit different."
"Ajay Krishnan says, when a paralyzing drug is used."
38 (especially,)
"That after all, was what his Regensburg address was about."
"Reaction to it was hijacked by Muslim over-reaction to one small part of it."
76 (inevitably,)
"Rose said moving Jivemind to an area in need of sprucing up wasn't a deterrent."
""\"" it's a big attraction ,""he said, noting that the area is a high priority for the city.""
124 (rather,)
""\"" Please send me two of the 'dammit' stickers ,""said Seena Hawley, of Berkeley, who gave one to her friend Tom for his birthday.""
"I fretted that the bumper stickers would incite road rage."
77 (initially,)
"Her patron, Chris Matthews, sat at the heart of that disinformation and slander campaign."
"He did so at the behest of Jack Welch, the man who made him wealthy."
121 (presumably,)
""\"" sometimes i walk out and i'm like, 'wow, that was embarrassing .' ''""
"Hoult wasn't too embarrassed to share his most cringe-worthy casting story with us."
47 (fortunately,)
"Society's most vulnerable children are suffering."
"Things are only getting worse for this group of youngsters."
132 (secondly,)
"Then if I tap it twice I see one tiny blinking light, telling me I'm working on my first 2,000 steps."
"When I've hit that mark and tap to check again, I'll see one solid light and the second one blinking."
83 (later,)
"Jessie blushed at the words and nodded."
"I seem to be attracted more to women than to men and have asked THP to help me experience a Lesbian relationship."
82 (lately,)
"It has been shown to prevent HIV-1 release by retaining fully formed progeny virions on the surfaces of infected cells [183]."
"tetherin inhibited both the release of lasv z-induced vlps [184] and the egress of infectious lasv and macv [185]."
63 (importantly,)
"On a conference call to theoretically discuss his new airtime yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel was totes happy to backstab colleague Jay Leno!"
"more accurately, he called jay a hatchet-man!"
111 (or,)
"Earlier this month, the shares gapped to record territory, rising on positive trial results for the company's cancer treatment."
"The ensuing pullback has been flat, and its narrow two-week range positions the shares to build on the initial breakout."
25 (by_comparison,)
"Their fear of being perceived as a drug addict should they inject insulin in public was supported by others (Meldman , 1987; Skinner, Petzing & Johnston , 1999)."
""Skinner, Petzing and Johnston's research revealed that other adolescents had actually labeled adolescents with diabetes as a``druggie""or similar terms.""
130 (sadly,)
""I still find it amusing that it was the loli, amongst them all, the first one to come up with such an``indecent""proposal.""
"I'm not even looking at it with yuri goggles or anything, but it really is pretty suspect."
134 (seriously,)
"During a week, we dismantled every single one of them and dried all the rusty, brown water out of it."
"turned out every single one of them was saved."
86 (luckily,)
"In the spring, I can search out trailing arbutus hidden among layers of fallen needles."
"Delicate blue harebells nod in shafts of sunlight."
83 (later,)
""You know, I don't think the real problem is``lack of patience""( as the article implies).""
"It seems to me there was a big fall-off getting hits from balls thrown for strikes."
124 (rather,)
"These agencies generally are made up of county supervisors, city council members and representatives of special districts."
"LAFCOs have overseen the formation of new cities and special districts and approved boundary changes of existing agencies."
163 (traditionally,)
"At idle back pressures of about 5 inches of water have been measured, which increase to about 25-30 inches at full load."
"Standard conventional mufflers create 40 inches of back pressure at full load."
25 (by_comparison,)
"I'm posting this especially because a number of smug ignorant fools here downvoted me massively for saying it was possible, Now it's been proven true."
"That's not true."
150 (technically,)
"I'm going to build a little more, post some photos in the next couple of days."
"I used Minwax polycrylic to fiberglas the wing panel joins - I wrapped the fiberglas partly around the ribs as shown."
122 (previously,)
"People can achieve this through extensive training and a thorough understanding of what is expected of them."
"I think that the Roman army demonstrated this level of efficiency."
0 ([no-conn])
"Cons: Sometimes, you have to take your time to into the needs of the projects to have the accurate information that you need."
"This process could be annoying, but it's worth it, you will save so much time and headache pills after all of this."
140 (sometimes,)
"Investigators speculate that reversible inhibitors may dissociate during receptor dimerization and internalization, and that significant signal trafficking can occur during the internalization."
"Irreversibly inhibited receptor protein-tyrosine kinases would maintain inhibition throughout receptor recycling."
26 (by_contrast,)
"Not near immediate help - a relatively routine event turns into a tragedy."
"Medical care is only one of two major issues that the OP has."
158 (thirdly,)
"( it could be argued that both frontbenches have largely wanted to do so)."
"The Conservatives will gain from a very well known and strong public communicator."
29 (certainly,)
"I remember walking in and thinking``why haven't I heard more about this place? ''"
"The Steamboat Arabia museum in Kansas City is one of the best anywhere!"
85 (locally,)
"If a flag is deemed incorrect, the flaggers disagree and therefore nullify each other's flag weight change."
"i like the way it works now."
68 (in_short,)
"Over a few cups of ocha, we grilled the host for information about the restaurant."
"Midori's owners (no relations to Midori Sushi in Campbell) have continental aspirations; this is the first of a contingent that will include operations in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto."
17 (apparently,)
"A crime in some parts of the planet."
"It's still a capital offense in a few niches of this planet."
75 (indeed,)
"the way people talk , 3d is to animation what color and sound were to the film industry itself."
"I would quote Twain on that point."
7 (again,)
"and i know that many are disappointed in obama and the democratic party leadership."
"We have to accept that the beauty of being a member of the Democratic Party is that we allow liberals, moderates, and conservatives to participate."
60 (however)
"Our study had several limitations."
"It was a survey limited to medical professionals in a single institution."
44 (firstly,)
"do you have any non-fiction?"
"Do you mind promoting the project on your sites when it's finished?"
111 (or,)
"Dirk hit that shot to beat them at the buzzer."
"They've been blown out pretty good."
82 (lately,)
"The hairs on my neck prickle when I am with someone who snaps a photo and then immediately passes it around for others to see."
"It seems that the object or person in the photo, although still before us, has disappeared, lost importance."
104 (oddly,)
"Again, it is for theoppressing party to stop its oppression before you can ask the oppressed to stop their struggle."
"What are you asking, the ANC had to give up it guns and allow only the NP government to commit violence?"
113 (otherwise,)
"To the flurry of fancy new American museum buildings add Diller + Scofidio's Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, slated for completion in 2006."
"The New York-based team's recently unveiled design has little in common with many of its...."
54 (happily,)
""You can put them to good use by turning them into``dice""and playing math games this fall.""
"You'll need to remove, clean, and dry the seeds."
43 (first,)
"Next, block 202 illustrates controlling output of graphical directions to the store-related item from the current location."
"Block 204 depicts a determination as to whether or not the user has located the store-related item."
154 (thereafter,)
"smart homes can save your money by the way."
"You can set alarm settings, climate temperature and humidity, lighting settings, for instance automatic lights off after 11 pm."
46 (for_instance)
"After all, it is our clients who will enjoy the pleasures of their new extension."
"They will let their friends and family experience the tranquil ambience their new home addition creates and by word of mouth our reputation will naturally grow."
72 (in_turn,)
"With the threat of Gordon taken out of the equation, teams aren't going to allow the Browns to beat them by running the ball."
"tate is going to get a high usage, but much of it likely won't be terribly efficient."
66 (in_other_words)
"Still, what has been achieved technically cannot be discounted."
"The first new expansion car is out, I still thought that with only two tracks and the heavily Asian car lineup, the product was a bit lacking."
12 (although,)
"After all, Lesnar just decimated the top babyface wrestling has seen since Stone Cold Steve Austin."
"The biggest babyface in the company and the biggest heel in the company square off for the championship."
61 (ideally,)
"When Pam abandons her baby in the park, after enduring a horrifically self-abasing argument with Fred, a gang of boys swarm around the pram."
"The pretence begins."
62 (immediately,)
"You may think that it's o.k."
"That she will be o.k."
15 (and)
"Users must be granted the security level they assign to an annotation."
"Users assigned only the restricted security level can grant only the restricted security level to any annotation they create."
45 (for_example)
"He Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi Sallam) tells us that it is by stoning that this punishment is to be carried out."
"We could kill that person in any manner of things."
113 (otherwise,)
"The official answer is to build up the nascent Afghan court system - a near impossible long-term task unlikely to win hearts and minds anytime soon."
"Another option would work far better: accept informal local and tribal courts as reality and explore new avenues of interaction and, possibly, support."
125 (realistically,)
""At first, she drove me crazy ,""Ms. Mallette , 33, said.""
"though, ms. mallette's daughters were walking ms. parish's dog, checking her mail and helping her up the stairs when the elevator was out of service."
141 (soon,)
""She's been accused of anti-male tendencies, told she's letting``foxy Asian babes go to waste ,""and threatened with physical and sexual violence.""
"She says,``I get messages about how I'm a congenital lesbian trying to start a cult. ``"
92 (mostly,)
"But somehow, without submitting an application, Theodora is accepted to the Academy."
"She's green with space sickness aboard the Academy space station (named, appropriately enough, the Robert A. Heinlein), learning the ropes with a class of robust, gung-ho cadets."
141 (soon,)
"In the future, it will help if you tell us what it is you like about a particular book so that we can match it more easily."
"Ms. Hannah is Bananas!"
23 (besides,)
"Why not the Nets?"
"They added Joe Johnson and C.J."
20 (basically,)
"Instead of supporting their athlete, most local media put all the blame on Dorin."
"The WBA champion had a rocky relationship with Larouche and was often caught not listening to him during fights."
149 (surprisingly,)
"Ideally this should be different values for each of the disconnect causes."
""it should return the value of``1""for the unallocated number.""
45 (for_example)
"In fact, adapter development environment 210 may be included in software development environment 205."
"Adapter development environment 210 may be distinguishable from software development environment 205 only by the fact that the software developer is writing an adapter rather than other software."
51 (furthermore)
"There's only one team who hasn't been shut out this season - the @ dbacks."
"The same day the announcement was published, the D-backs found a way to cut it close once again."
95 (naturally,)
"I got an e-mail today from the NBA, letting the media know that the league will play its first-ever regular-season games in Europe this season."
"I thought it was cool."
62 (immediately,)
"The CIA had claimed, according to the 9/11 Commission report, that they lost track of all three men in Thailand."
"Mihdhar left Southern California for Yemen in June 2000 and, using a new passport, returned to the US undetected on July 4 , 2001."
129 (remarkably,)
"I just wanted to get back to my seat right as the second act was beginning."
"however, light from somewhere brightened backstage just enough for me to see what surrounded me."
146 (suddenly,)
"According to Ruger, food and drug regulation needs to, and increasingly is, heading in a new direction."
"Regulations are becoming more complex and multimodal."
43 (first,)
"shia lebeouf is under consideration as well, but a source claims he will not test, apparently he feels he's a known talent--we'd agree."
"Taylor Kitsch has also been mentioned."
15 (and)
"But a lot of people did."
"People see Trump as the reality candidate as opposed to all the other inside the beltway political candidates."
19 (as_a_result,)
"I then had downloaded the SP 1 package file and tried to put it on that one."
"It would not install saying there were missing components."
35 (curiously,)