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"I don't think you're being completely fair."
"The majority of MSM journalists are DWLs."
168 (undoubtedly,)
"I have the same problem with an iPhone 3GS and iOS4- restarting doesn't make it go away."
35 (curiously,)
"List action and feeling words as well."
"Place a piece of paper over the shape and decide where your words are going to be placed so that they outline your shape but also fit well together."
97 (next,)
"to get her tendrils, curl your hair using a small barrel curling iron."
"Take a thick strand of hair from near the ear and twist back."
152 (then,)
"We took a rowing boat out on one of the lakes and passed little islets colonised by turtles and drifted under bridges famous for a thousand fictional and real romantic encounters."
"S, we headed for the Boathouse Restaurant by the lake."
6 (afterward)
"These representative stories inform us how pervasive the gay and lesbian value system is pervading our society."
"Western Society is becoming like Sodom and Gomorra, just as Jesus foretold would happen at the End of the Age."
164 (truly,)
"EG is an outstanding addition to our Geography journal list, adding prestige and lustre to what is already the market-leading programme."
"eg will benefit from our expert knowledge of the market and its opportunities, and our high visibility within the research community."
72 (in_turn,)
"Several months ago, police arrested a man who stole veteran's plaques from North Burial Ground and attempted to sell them to a scrap yard."
"Given the nature of the items, the business notified police and the man was arrested."
86 (luckily,)
"Other areas of the county recorded rainfall any where from 1 inch to just shy of 2 inches."
"No flooding and power outages are known to have occurred."
51 (furthermore)
"But of course that's just me being opinionated again lol."
"If you're going to do it, really ensure you've got lights that are worth being a feature (and ceilings high enough to pull it off, lol)."
20 (basically,)
"There are games vastly more popular (let us use WoW as an example) that don't get nearly the press time (and they get more than enough coverage)."
"I am sick of Second Life articles which are not news (or even note) worthy."
117 (personally,)
"It's set in the north of England and all the characters except the hero's Swedish wife talk as if they have hot Marmite in their mouths."
"That borderline incomprehensibility adds to the movie's relentless sense of doom."
104 (oddly,)
"if they are going to claim to be comprehensive, then need to be comprehensive."
"They are helping the truther morons to make America less vigilant."
113 (otherwise,)
"when he passed things went for the worse."
"The hemming, the hawing, the political correctness began to set in."
76 (inevitably,)
"Spock, Dr. McCoy, sociologist Lindstrom, and two guards, Leslie and Galloway, form the balance of the landing party."
"spock notices a strangeness in the people they encounter; a kind of contented mindlessness."
62 (immediately,)
"In addition, to avoid exposure to undesired health information, the participants selectively accessed individual information sources like the Internet's discussion groups."
"They had obtained some health information from there but were no longer interested to continue information seeking or to know other people's opinions."
122 (previously,)
"In the subgroup analysis, the odds ratios in these subgroups were not significantly differ- ent from the odds ratio of the total group, because of the overlapping confidence intervals."
"we cannot exclude the possibility that also low-risk patients, or perhaps a subgroup of them, might also benefit from dose escalation in terms of outcome."
156 (therefore)
""And yes, exposure compensation is how you would adjust the``zone""or``placement""of the object you metered.""
"If you meter a typical Caucasian skin, the meter will give you a value that will result in a photograph that will be about one stop under-exposed or so."
46 (for_instance)
"Shall I call them out for that behaviour?"
"The way development works is that the longer developers work with a system, the better they can tune performance."
158 (thirdly,)
"after leading 40-15 in the first game of the second set, nalbandian lost his way when tsonga made a volley and crosscourt forehand winners to get to deuce."
"A few points later, David double faulted to give Jo-Wilfried a break point."
152 (then,)
"Alerting a user by physical or electrical force, such as the sense of touch or tingling from an electric pulse or vibration, can also be utilized."
"Although communication by audible means is often utilized, the communication module 107 can alert, signify, or communicate with the user through sound, light, electrical actuation, and physical actuation."
161 (thus,)
"With the plethora of regional styles, identifying what separates a great slice from the mediocre hordes is ultimately a personal matter."
"Wide appeal, pizza's position near the top of the comfort foods' pantheon is and always will be secure."
22 (because_of_this)
"Or even have a coherent conversation?"
"It seems, under pretty strict conditions."
109 (only,)
"But around the summer of 2006, There was a tidal wave of people racing to buy homes with NO down payment."
"Your monthly payments would be twice as high."
88 (meaning,)
""In Roscoe``Fatty""Arbuckle's second independent two-reeler, Fatty goes to the park and flirts with another man's girl (Alice Lake).""
"He gets a sound thrashing."
19 (as_a_result,)
"The original homestead was then run by younger brother Matthias HOLL who later bought it."
"in 1998, john built a much larger store and by the 1890's owned 9 properties and buildings in hayes."
40 (eventually,)
"She should have known form the previews that she wouldn't have liked it, cuz it didn't have a namby pamby G rating."
"I hate this show!"
68 (in_short,)
"This condition is contracted when spores from the Cryptococcus fungus are inhaled through the nasal passages."
"These organisms may reach the terminal airways, although it is unlikely."
103 (occasionally,)
"I feel like I normally wouldn't like this, but somehow I do."
104 (oddly,)
"This is a daring move."
"God was said to be loved for his own sake, not for his usefulness in gaining something else."
163 (traditionally,)
"Want to know more about the event?"
"I'm the type of person who changes the calendar on days before the month ends, always eager for a new start."
171 (usually,)
"There are plenty of signs that we're in for a fairly sustained recession through next year."
"Hold on to your job if you have one."
7 (again,)
"Any carries occurring from the adding operation are disregarded."
"The added data is programmed again into the memory device 11."
154 (thereafter,)
"In our work here with women we are always under threat."
"I work every day in fear, hoping to return safely at the end of the day to my home."
117 (personally,)
"In any normal place, she'd likely have received a hug and a 'that's okay'."
"in the bible-centric town of goldsburg, that earned her being disowned, shunned, and verbally abused by nearly everyone she came in contact with-including her own family."
109 (only,)
"YET DotM separates itself from these films visually as one of the best LOOKING action movies there ever was."
"The trilogy had its moments."
114 (overall,)
"Although it has been severely dilapidated over the years, an eye-watering, fractal-like spiral pattern of incredible intricacy is still apparent."
"The Plaza was the site of six great towers, great, pointed, spiral-carved pillars of stone that reached more than 50 meters into the air."
108 (once,)
"My project is structured around visiting and observing these new church communities and interviewing their leaders."
"Most of my work is done on weekends and occasionally on days mid-week; although, a lot of these churches are trying out mid-week worship."
22 (because_of_this)
"Todd, then 36, said he and fellow officer Rico Hardy , 34, were rounding up suspected drug dealers, putting them up against the wall of a building."
"He recalls, a man began running at him, screaming, and then reaching into his jacket."
146 (suddenly,)
"he won the carter memorial prize for productive use of spare time in 1928, and joined the nsw photographic society a year later."
"He met Australian pictorial photography legend Harold Cazneaux."
56 (here,)
"My laptop does strange things at times, and I think someone is getting on it remotely."
""I tried to close my``Configfree""internet monitor and it was being used by someone, and it wouldn't allow me to access, and I am the administrator.""
46 (for_instance)
"Until the establishment of the British Museum in 1753 the Bodleian was effectively the national library of England."
"The Bodleian, Cambridge University Library and the Royal Library were the most extensive book collections in England and Wales."
28 (by_then)
"As Members of Parliament, we all have to deal on a daily basis with the consequences of what happens when the state fails."
"There are mercifully few occasions when the state fails as badly as it did the victims of the Hillsborough disaster."
151 (thankfully,)
"They also may have completed research to inform their story."
"However, newspapers are considered primary sources...."
163 (traditionally,)
"Figuring out where those lines cross at various points is a strategy within itself."
"If the guy was to buy anything for this project it would be a skid steer."
125 (realistically,)
"We used to have to run the local ski hill in junior high and high school cross country."
""It was in Chicago so our``ski hill""was a true skier's bunny hill.""
5 (admittedly,)
"New carpeting, painting and wall coverings are happening now!"
"New linens, upholstery, art work, and 42' Plasma Televisions will be added."
141 (soon,)
"Toward that end, the Sierra Club has redrawn the map of North America into 21``bioregions . ''"
"Each of the 21 bioregions has been divided into three zones :."
72 (in_turn,)
"those accustomed to obtaining health insurance through the workplace and choosing among different types of policies may be in for a rude surprise."
"Employers of all sizes are eliminating choice and offering only high-deductible plans - euphemistically referred to in the insurance world as consumer-directed health plans or HDHPs."
74 (increasingly,)
"That load of living trees and shrubs brought more wealth to Oregon that any ship that ever entered the Columbia River."
"i say, hail, all hail to the traveling nursery that crossed the plains in 1847."
152 (then,)
"While it is good to check CPU usage of sessions, there are a couple problems with this approach."
"The 'CPU used by this session' statistic is not updated until the first fetch from a SQL statement is returned to the client."
43 (first,)
""One could compare drivers in autonomous cars to pilots flying an aircraft on autopilot, but``cars can be much more dangerous than airplanes ,""said Santo.""
"There are more unexpected hazards on the road."
43 (first,)
"township officials had been anticipating an expedited construction schedule to accommodate a july opening."
"The former Kuhn's/Shop 'N Save site just behind the former Kings Restaurant has been vacant since September 2011."
89 (meantime,)
"I haven't tested the whole thing, but much of it works."
"Arrow is very difficult to architecture: a lot of what it is is very related to a lot of AI projects of the past."
73 (incidentally,)
"We have also made different bids for resources."
"It is for the Executive, particularly the Finance Minister, to look at the overall funding package that is available to my Department and, in due course, to the universities."
72 (in_turn,)
"On the morning of September 12 , 1961, he had been working for about three and one-half hours when the machine again clogged."
"His arm was pulled through the rolls and into the rotating blades of the basic machine."
146 (suddenly,)
"Lien withdrawals would be easier for taxpayers to obtain after they pay their tax debt, which is better for credit scores."
"The IRS would not fully withdraw the lien."
122 (previously,)
"She is a consummate cosplay professional who is a staple in the socal cosplay scene."
"Going to PMX 2010 was another chance to hang out with who was the first person to give me a chance to do a shoot!"
42 (finally,)
"These monitors can be used throughout the decontamination process to assess effectiveness."
"The RAE Systems portable devices used in emergency response are fully waterproof, so that they can also be completely decontaminated after use."
118 (plus,)
"These are publicly sponsored venues that are free to the public that wants to use them regardless of residency."
"It's Palo Alto that places restrictions on use of city resources - by limiting access to Foothills Park to residents only."
35 (curiously,)
"Lake Lanier in Georgia is named after my great-great-grandfather, a famous poet and--unfortunately--confederate soldier."
"While in Florida, I gave a woman my name and she said,``Y'all are famous down here! ''"
108 (once,)
"For instance, many users recommended definitions of users they did not approve of or those containing opinions they did not agree with."
"A many definitions that did not meet the site's criteria for deletion were removed from the website."
22 (because_of_this)
"Would it necessarily be a legal regulation?"
""Beyond``the proper functioning legal""logic of this contract, the same transposition of this legal architecture to any transaction intended to pay for environmental services also causes difficulties.""
91 (moreover)
"this is all true."
"There are a few tricks."
92 (mostly,)
"Yaleen, engagingly cheery and resourceful, gets deeply involved with the Black Current."
"On closer acquaintance, proves to be a seven-hundred-league Worm--its tail lodged in mountains far inland, its head out beyond the River-mouth, at sea."
159 (this,)
"The most likely (and probably most immediate) impact will be in the cost of CGL policies to contractors."
"Insurance companies such as Erie were relying on West Virginia law to protect them from the liability that arose from these circumstances."
168 (undoubtedly,)
"Oh, I know you've all heard the island was deep-sixed (literally) several thousand years ago."
"Both views are wrong."
96 (nevertheless)
"With the present invention, it is possible to obtain a maximum effect with a minimum change."
"If the gate electrode has a complicated form then this causes a reduction in the aperture ratio."
34 (conversely)
"The colors are accurate to the source, but too much in contrast to one another for my taste."
"The sequences in the woods are based on blues and the other sequences are based on earthy browns."
88 (meaning,)
"Look at Deus Ex II - I remember when the demo came out and everyone was talking about the problems, the word from On High was``It's just the demo. ``"
"If they do mention them, it doesn't seem to affect the score they give the game."
111 (or,)
"Polyclonal immunoglobulins are prepared from immune sera either by precipitation with ammonium sulfate or by purification on immobilized Protein A (Pharmacia Biotech)."
"Monoclonal antibodies are prepared from mouse ascites fluid by ammonium sulfate precipitation or chromatography on immobilized Protein A."
84 (likewise,)
"First, prevention of oxidation/reduction of the peroxide-generating (second) enzyme by the redox polymer can be intrinsic to the second enzyme."
"The second enzyme may include a sufficiently thick, natural, electrically insulating protein or glycoprotein layer over its reaction center or centers."
45 (for_example)
"Most children are exposed to the disease of Christianity from a very young age, through the home and the education systems as well."
"The average creature of the herd is not going to question his or her own system of beliefs and will most likely embrace Christianity."
19 (as_a_result,)
"Accordingly, the pressure sensor 200 can be provided at low cost to detect a relative pressure as in the first embodiment."
"In the second embodiment, since the pressure spaces A, B are separated from one another by the resin substrate 30, air-tightness is improved."
38 (especially,)
"Some of Mondavi's innovations include the introduction of cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks and the use of French oak barrels in the late 1960s."
"Mondavi's technological innovations to improve the quality of wine and its focus on natural farming techniques have made a fundamental impact on the industry as a whole."
51 (furthermore)
"The first human clinical study could happen soon, Galipeau said, depending on funding."
"Researchers have taken the cells from eight children with Crohn's Disease to prepare for testing."
8 (already,)
"Pertussis begins as a mild upper respiratory infection."
"Symptoms resemble those of a common cold, including sneezing, runny nose, low-grade fever and a mild cough."
77 (initially,)
"My credit score is great but my income is variable."
"my wife's has a good steady income but her score is good not great."
107 (on_the_other_hand)
"Road and roadway are each defined in the Vehicle Code under sections 527 and 530."
"A road means an existing vehicle route ordinarily used for vehicular travel, and a roadway means a portion of a highway designed for ordinary vehicular travel."
52 (generally,)
"Details of exactly what this option affects are included in the discussion which follows this list of options."
"Each address that is directed or routed to an appendfile transport is handled separately."
99 (normally,)
"1st & 3rd, no outs."
""Angel Sanchez, noticing Dotel's less-than-athletic fielding attempt at the bunt, lays down another one, and``Bogus""scores the walk-off.""
152 (then,)
"There's also Gary and Matt, a mismatched father and son team from Montana who seem diametrically opposed: dad's a hunter, son's a gamer; dad's gone gray, son has vivid pink hair."
"Matt was nearly killed when he was hit by a car and has gotten himself into shape again."
118 (plus,)
"The similes were sufficient."
"I chose my vocabulary carefully."
157 (third,)
"I want them to connect with viewers, and not just with their looks, but with their personalities."
"Every model has his or her quirks."
148 (surely,)
"I finally asked the judge to order co-parenting counseling and he did."
"It took a secular counselor one meeting with us to get us back on talking terms."
14 (amazingly,)
"i am pretty confident that important components such as l4linux or afterburner can be adapted to genode with a moderate effort."
"If you are going to reuse components that rely on a sophisticated execution environment (e.g., relying on IDL-based communication), matters get more difficult."
64 (in_contrast,)
""The surname``Mountbatten-Windsor""will apply to The Queen's descendants who are not HRH.""
"Edward's children are HRH Prince/Princess of the UK as male-line grandchildren of The Sovereign."
150 (technically,)
"No context is provided in the sign itself."
"The assumption is that merely saying the name will tell the reader all they need to know."
124 (rather,)
"The scan driver circuit provides the scan lines with a scan driving signal."
"the first substrate or the second substrate of the liquid crystal display panel includes a display region and a peripheral region."
115 (particularly,)
"Probably the worst place I could have been as I was wide open."
"The 5 minutes came and went with no one showing at my door."
47 (fortunately,)
"aqua is proud to partner with paso pacifico, a non-profit foundation dedicated to conserving and restoring the natural ecosystem of nicaragua's pacific slope."
"Aqua and Paso Pacifico are working to preserve Aqua's natural environment in four areas :."
162 (together,)
"they're awesome against the run."
"Their run D puts them way ahead of the saints....somebody block this dude's IP address, so I'll stop getting roped into these moronic debates."
30 (clearly,)
"Elazul frowned, eyeing the blond in a scrutinizing manner."
"He muttered ,."
40 (eventually,)
"When I get the package, ,, no ammo, & an estimated shipment date."
"I just left the ammo on backorder & after 6 months, I cancelled."
108 (once,)
"MBA students coming into most programs arrive with an average of three to 10 years of business experience."
"It seems, the teaching of business needs to learn a lesson."
146 (suddenly,)
"But what purpose?"
"Dodd had something to do with the rich and troubling subject of early Nazi-Soviet relations."
30 (clearly,)
"For a moment during the match I held my breath as it looked like our feathered friend had injured the knee which kept our out of action for almost a year."
"she was able to evade alicia's attack with some clever matrix moves, sliding her way back to being the divas champion."
151 (thankfully,)
"Is it too late for potential inclusion in perl 5.8?"
"But maybe not ..."
87 (maybe,)
"For years!"
"Petraeus posed a political threat both as a provocateur and as a 2016 GOP presidential candidate."
158 (thirdly,)
""Because feral cats tend to group together for warmth, Christiano advised building``colonies""with more than one shelter available.""
"She said, the colonies should fit three to five cats each."
61 (ideally,)