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文件介绍(File Introduction)

  • zh_finance.jsonl为金融领域评估数据
  • zh_game.jsonl为游戏领域评估数据
  • zh_government.jsonl为政务领域评估数据
  • zh_movie.jsonl为电影领域评估数据
  • zh_tech.jsonl为技术领域评估数据
  • zh_general.jsonl为综合领域评估数据

协议(License Agreement)

The community usage of SkyPile dataset requires Skywork Community License. The SkyPile dataset supports commercial use. If you plan to use the Skywork model or its derivatives for commercial purposes, you must abide by terms and conditions within Skywork Community License as well as Apache2.0.

引用(Contact Us and Citation)

If you find our work helpful, please feel free to cite our paper~

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      author={Tianwen Wei and Liang Zhao and Lichang Zhang and Bo Zhu and Lijie Wang and Haihua Yang and Biye Li and Cheng Cheng and Weiwei Lü and Rui Hu and Chenxia Li and Liu Yang and Xilin Luo and Xuejie Wu and Lunan Liu and Wenjun Cheng and Peng Cheng and Jianhao Zhang and Xiaoyu Zhang and Lei Lin and Xiaokun Wang and Yutuan Ma and Chuanhai Dong and Yanqi Sun and Yifu Chen and Yongyi Peng and Xiaojuan Liang and Shuicheng Yan and Han Fang and Yahui Zhou},