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pretty_name: Snacks
- image-classification
- computer-vision
license: cc-by-4.0
# Dataset Card for Snacks
## Dataset Summary
This is a dataset of 20 different types of snack foods that accompanies the book [Machine Learning by Tutorials](
The images were taken from the [Google Open Images dataset](, release 2017_11.
## Dataset Structure
Number of images in the train/validation/test splits:
train 4838
val 955
test 952
total 6745
Total images in each category:
apple 350
banana 350
cake 349
candy 349
carrot 349
cookie 349
doughnut 350
grape 350
hot dog 350
ice cream 350
juice 350
muffin 348
orange 349
pineapple 340
popcorn 260
pretzel 204
salad 350
strawberry 348
waffle 350
watermelon 350
To save space in the download, the images were resized so that their smallest side is 256 pixels. All EXIF information was removed.
### Data Splits
Train, Test, Validation
## Licensing Information
Just like the images from Google Open Images, the snacks dataset is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons license.
The images are listed as having a [CC BY 2.0]( license.
The annotations are licensed by Google Inc. under a [CC BY 4.0]( license.
The **credits.csv** file contains the original URL, author information and license for each image.