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Automatic correction of metadata for keys. Contact for any question
language: en
- text: $answer$ ; $mcoptions$ ; $question$ = What is the color of a cloudy sky?
license: apache-2.0
# macaw-answer-11b
## Model description
Macaw (<b>M</b>ulti-<b>a</b>ngle <b>c</b>(q)uestion <b>a</b>ns<b>w</b>ering) is a ready-to-use model capable of
general question answering,
showing robustness outside the domains it was trained on. It has been trained in "multi-angle" fashion,
which means it can handle a flexible set of input and output "slots"
(question, answer, multiple-choice options, context, and explanation) .
Macaw was built on top of [T5]( and comes in
three sizes: [macaw-11b](, [macaw-3b](,
and [macaw-large](, as well as an answer-focused version featured on
various leaderboards [macaw-answer-11b](
See for more details.