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# IndicNER
IndicNER is a model trained to complete the task of identifying named entities from sentences in Indian languages. Our model is specifically fine-tuned to the 11 Indian languages mentioned above over millions of sentences. The model is then benchmarked over a human annotated testset and multiple other publicly available Indian NER datasets.
The 11 languages covered by IndicNER are: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu.
## Training Corpus
Our model was trained on a [dataset]( which we mined from the existing [Samanantar Corpus]( We used a bert-base-multilingual-uncased model as the starting point and then fine-tuned it to the NER dataset mentioned previously.
## Downloads
Download from this same Huggingface repo.
Update 20 Dec 2022: We released a new paper documenting IndicNER and Naamapadam. We have a different model reported in the paper. We will update the repo here soon with this model.
## Usage
You can use [this Colab notebook]( for samples on using IndicNER or for finetuning a pre-trained model on Naampadam dataset to build your own NER models.
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## Citing
If you are using IndicNER, please cite the following article:
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## License
The IndicNER code (and models) are released under the MIT License.
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## Contributors
- Arnav Mhaske <sub> ([AI4Bharat](, [IITM]( </sub>
- Harshit Kedia <sub> ([AI4Bharat](, [IITM]( </sub>
- Sumanth Doddapaneni <sub> ([AI4Bharat](, [IITM]( </sub>
- Mitesh M. Khapra <sub> ([AI4Bharat](, [IITM]( </sub>
- Pratyush Kumar <sub> ([AI4Bharat](, [Microsoft](, [IITM]( </sub>
- Rudra Murthy <sub> ([AI4Bharat](, [IBM](</sub>
- Anoop Kunchukuttan <sub> ([AI4Bharat](, [Microsoft](, [IITM]( </sub>
This work is the outcome of a volunteer effort as part of the [AI4Bharat initiative](
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## Contact
- Anoop Kunchukuttan ([](
- Rudra Murthy V ([](