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##MODEL BY ShadoWxShinigamI

Use Token - mdjrny-shttr at the beginning of your prompt [ Prompt Engineering not required ]; If some object doesn't work, increase the prompt weight of the object to 1.6

Training - 2500 steps, Batch size 2, 512x512, v1-5 Base, 26 images (52 Flipped)


Lion tmpb331y_cm.png

Batman tmpdwi_ya5t.png

Medusa Head tmpggxc981t.png

Deer tmpgwcwh1f4.png

Emma Watson tmpk58i5kyg.png

Son Goku tmpp_ivatls.png

(Mansion:1.6) - Need the extra weight for the model to actually produce buildings for some reason tmp8pooxklu.png