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license: creativeml-openrail-m
  - text-to-image
  - stable-diffusion

knollingcase Dreambooth model trained by Aybeeceedee with TheLastBen's fast-DreamBooth notebook

UPDATE: The images on the following imgur link were all made just using 'knollingcase' as the main prompt, then letting the Dynamic Prompt add-on for AUTOMATIC1111 fill in the rest! There's some beauty's in here if you have a scroll through!

Use 'knollingcase' anywhere in the prompt and you're good to go.

Example: knollingcase, isometic render, a single cherry blossom tree, isometric display case, knolling teardown, transparent data visualization infographic, high-resolution OLED GUI interface display, micro-details, octane render, photorealism, photorealistic

Example: (clockwork:1.2), knollingcase, labelled, overlays, oled display, annotated, technical, knolling diagram, technical drawing, display case, dramatic lighting, glow, dof, reflections, refractions