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# Adapter `AdapterHub/roberta-base-pf-social_i_qa` for roberta-base
An [adapter]( for the `roberta-base` model that was trained on the [social_i_qa]( dataset and includes a prediction head for multiple choice.
This adapter was created for usage with the **[adapter-transformers](** library.
## Usage
First, install `adapter-transformers`:
pip install -U adapter-transformers
_Note: adapter-transformers is a fork of transformers that acts as a drop-in replacement with adapter support. [More](
Now, the adapter can be loaded and activated like this:
from transformers import AutoModelWithHeads
model = AutoModelWithHeads.from_pretrained("roberta-base")
adapter_name = model.load_adapter("AdapterHub/roberta-base-pf-social_i_qa", source="hf")
model.active_adapters = adapter_name
## Architecture & Training
The training code for this adapter is available at
In particular, training configurations for all tasks can be found [here](
## Evaluation results
Refer to [the paper]( for more information on results.
## Citation
If you use this adapter, please cite our paper ["What to Pre-Train on? Efficient Intermediate Task Selection"](
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