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update grammar issue
import streamlit as st
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import re
import string
import textwrap
from transformers import BertTokenizer, BertForSequenceClassification, AutoModelForCausalLM, AutoTokenizer, pipeline, AdamW
from happytransformer import HappyTextToText, TTSettings
import torch
from torch.nn import BCEWithLogitsLoss
from import DataLoader, TensorDataset, random_split
from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelForSequenceClassification
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("saurabhg2083/model_bert")
model = AutoModelForSequenceClassification.from_pretrained("saurabhg2083/model_bert")
happy_tt = HappyTextToText("T5", "vennify/t5-base-grammar-correction")
args = TTSettings(num_beams=5, min_length=1)
gendered_pronouns = [
'ambition', 'driven', 'lead', 'persist', 'principle', 'decision', 'superior', 'individual', 'assertive',
'strong', 'hierarchical', 'rigid', 'silicon valley', 'stock options', 'takes risk', 'workforce', 'autonomous',
'ping pong', 'pool table', 'must', 'competitive', 'he', 'his', 'himself', 'confident', 'active', 'aggressive',
'ambitious', 'fearless', 'headstrong', 'defensive', 'independent', 'dominant', 'outspoken', 'leader', 'fast paced',
'adventurous', 'analytical', 'decisive', 'determined', 'ninja', 'objective', 'rock star', 'boast', 'challenging', 'courage',
'thoughtful', 'creative', 'adaptable', 'choose', 'curious', 'excellent', 'flexible', 'multitasking', 'health',
'imaginative', 'intuitive', 'leans in', 'plans for the future', 'resilient', 'self-aware', 'socially responsible',
'trustworthy', 'shup-to-date', 'wellness program', 'nurture', 'teach', 'dependable', 'community', 'serving', 'loyal',
'enthusiasm', 'interpersonal', 'connect', 'commit', 'she', 'agree', 'empathy', 'sensitive', 'affectionate', 'feel',
'support', 'collaborate', 'honest', 'trust', 'understand', 'compassion', 'share', 'polite', 'kind', 'caring', 'her',
'hers', 'herself', 'feminine', 'cheer', 'communal', 'emotional', 'flatterable', 'gentle', 'interdependent', 'kinship',
'modesty', 'pleasant', 'polite', 'quiet', 'sympathy', 'warm', 'dominant', 'yield',
'native english speaker', 'professionally groomed hair', 'native', 'culture fit', 'non-white', 'clean-shaven',
'neat hairstyle', 'master', 'slave', 'a cakewalk', 'brownbag session', 'spirit animal', 'digital native',
'servant leadership', 'tribe', 'oriental', 'spic', 'english fluency', 'level native', 'illegals', 'eskimo',
'latino', 'latina', 'migrant', 'blacklist', 'whitelist'
# List of neutral words
neutral_words = [
"tech industry",
"equity options",
"is adventurous",
"table tennis",
"billiards table",
"guiding force",
"outstanding performer",
"handling multiple tasks",
"long-term planning",
"aware of oneself",
"health program",
"work together",
"fluent English speaker",
"well-groomed appearance",
"cultural alignment",
"tidy hair",
"easy task",
"informal meeting",
"personal inspiration",
"supportive leadership",
"avoid using",
"english proficiency",
"unauthorized individuals",
"indigenous Northern people",
"mobile worker",
"inclusion list",
def replace_gendered_pronouns(text):
# Define a dictionary of gendered pronouns and their gender-neutral replacements
word_dict = dict(zip(gendered_pronouns, neutral_words))
# Use regular expressions to find and replace gendered pronouns in the text
for pronoun, replacement in word_dict.items():
# Use word boundaries to match whole words only
pattern = r'\b' + re.escape(pronoun) + r'\b'
text = re.sub(pattern, replacement, text, flags=re.IGNORECASE)
return text
def model_eval(text):
# Put the model in evaluation mode
# Input text
input_text = text
# Tokenize the input text
inputs = tokenizer(input_text, padding='max_length', truncation=True, max_length=512, return_tensors="pt")
# Make the prediction
with torch.no_grad():
outputs = model(**inputs)
logits = outputs.logits
predicted_label = (logits > 0).int().item()
return predicted_label
st.title("Job Bias Testing")
text1 = st.text_area("Enter Text 1")
if st.button("Check Bias"):
if text1:
predicted_label = model_eval(text1)
# Convert 0 or 1 label back to a meaningful label if needed
label_mapping = {0: "Negative", 1: "Positive"}
predicted_label_text = label_mapping[predicted_label]
#print(f"Predicted Label: {predicted_label_text}")
if predicted_label_text == "Positive":
rewritten_sentence = replace_gendered_pronouns(text1)
words = rewritten_sentence.split()
word_count = 0
chunk = ""
target_word_count = 35
result = ""
for word in words:
# Add the sentence to the current chunk
chunk += word + " "
words_list = chunk.split()
word_count = len(words_list)
# Check if the word count exceeds the target
if word_count >= target_word_count:
grammar_text = happy_tt.generate_text("grammar: "+chunk, args=args)
result = result + grammar_text.text
chunk = ""
word_count = 0
# Add the prefix "grammar: " before each input
#result = happy_tt.generate_text("grammar: "+rewritten_sentence, args=args)
#print(result.text) # This sentence has bad grammar.
st.success(f"Predicted Label: {predicted_label_text} \n new Text is: {result}")
st.warning("Please enter text Job Description.")