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import os
from datetime import datetime
from pathlib import Path
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import streamlit as st
from datasets import get_dataset_config_names
from dotenv import load_dotenv
from huggingface_hub import DatasetFilter, list_datasets
if Path(".env").is_file():
auth_token = os.getenv("HF_HUB_TOKEN")
TASKS = sorted(get_dataset_config_names("ought/raft"))
# Split and capitalize the task names, e.g. banking_77 => Banking 77
FORMATTED_TASK_NAMES = sorted([" ".join(t.capitalize() for t in task.split("_")) for task in TASKS])
def download_submissions():
filt = DatasetFilter(benchmark="raft")
all_submissions = list_datasets(filter=filt, full=True, use_auth_token=auth_token)
submissions = []
for dataset in all_submissions:
tags = dataset.cardData
if tags.get("type") == "evaluation":
return submissions
def format_submissions(submissions):
submission_data = {
**{"Submitter": []},
**{"Submission Name": []},
**{"Submission Date": []},
**{t: [] for t in TASKS},
# The following picks the latest submissions which adhere to the model card schema
for submission in submissions:
submission_id = submission.id
card_data = submission.cardData
username = card_data["submission_dataset"].split("/")[0]
submission_id = card_data["submission_id"]
submission_name, sha, timestamp = submission_id.split("__")
# Format submission names with new backend constraints
# TODO(lewtun): make this less hacky!
if "_XXX_" in submission_name:
submission_name = submission_name.replace("_XXX_", " ")
if "_DDD_" in submission_name:
submission_name = submission_name.replace("_DDD_", "--")
submission_data["Submission Name"].append(submission_name)
# Handle mismatch in epoch microseconds vs epoch seconds in new AutoTrain API
if len(timestamp) > 10:
timestamp = pd.to_datetime(int(timestamp))
timestamp = pd.to_datetime(int(timestamp), unit="s")
submission_data["Submission Date"].append(datetime.date(timestamp).strftime("%b %d, %Y"))
for task in card_data["results"]:
task_data = task["task"]
task_name = task_data["name"]
score = task_data["metrics"][0]["value"]
df = pd.DataFrame(submission_data)
df.insert(3, "Overall", df[TASKS].mean(axis=1))
df = df.copy().sort_values("Overall", ascending=False)
df.rename(columns={k: v for k, v in zip(TASKS, FORMATTED_TASK_NAMES)}, inplace=True)
# Start ranking from 1
df.insert(0, "Rank", np.arange(1, len(df) + 1))
return df
### APP ###
st.title("RAFT: Real-world Annotated Few-shot Tasks")
⚠️ **The RAFT benchmark is currently undergoing maintenance and is not accepting submissions at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience.**
Large pre-trained language models have shown promise for few-shot learning, completing text-based tasks given only a few task-specific examples. Will models soon solve classification tasks that have so far been reserved for human research assistants?
[RAFT](https://raft.elicit.org) is a few-shot classification benchmark that tests language models:
- across multiple domains (lit review, tweets, customer interaction, etc.)
- on economically valuable classification tasks (someone inherently cares about the task)
- in a setting that mirrors deployment (50 examples per task, info retrieval allowed, hidden test set)
To submit to RAFT, follow the instruction posted on [this page](https://huggingface.co/datasets/ought/raft-submission).
submissions = download_submissions()
print(f"INFO - downloaded {len(submissions)} submissions")
df = format_submissions(submissions)
styler = pd.io.formats.style.Styler(df, precision=3).set_properties(
**{"white-space": "pre-wrap", "text-align": "center"}
# hack to remove index column: https://discuss.streamlit.io/t/questions-on-st-table/6878/3
table td:nth-child(1) {
display: none
table th:nth-child(1) {
display: none