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import gradio as gr
with gr.Blocks() as demo:
# Animal Generator
Once you select a species, the detail panel should be visible.
species = gr.Radio(label="Animal Class", choices=["Mammal", "Fish", "Bird"])
animal = gr.Dropdown(label="Animal", choices=[])
with gr.Column(visible=False) as details_col:
weight = gr.Slider(0, 20)
details = gr.Textbox(label="Extra Details")
generate_btn = gr.Button("Generate")
output = gr.Textbox(label="Output")
species_map = {
"Mammal": ["Elephant", "Giraffe", "Hamster"],
"Fish": ["Shark", "Salmon", "Tuna"],
"Bird": ["Chicken", "Eagle", "Hawk"],
def filter_species(species):
return gr.Dropdown.update(
choices=species_map[species], value=species_map[species][1]
), gr.update(visible=True)
species.change(filter_species, species, [animal, details_col])
def filter_weight(animal):
if animal in ("Elephant", "Shark", "Giraffe"):
return gr.update(maximum=100)
return gr.update(maximum=20)
animal.change(filter_weight, animal, weight)
weight.change(lambda w: gr.update(lines=int(w / 10) + 1), weight, details) x: x, details, output)
if __name__ == "__main__":