chef-transformer /
import streamlit as st
import json
from PIL import Image
from io import BytesIO
import base64
import requests
def load_image_from_local(image_path, image_resize=None):
image =
if isinstance(image_resize, tuple):
image = image.resize(image_resize)
return image
def load_image_from_url(image_url, rgba_mode=False, image_resize=None, default_image=None):
image =, stream=True).raw)
if rgba_mode:
image = image.convert("RGBA")
if isinstance(image_resize, tuple):
image = image.resize(image_resize)
except Exception as e:
image = None
if default_image:
image = load_image_from_local(default_image, image_resize=image_resize)
return image
def image_to_base64(image_array):
buffered = BytesIO(), format="PNG")
image_b64 = base64.b64encode(buffered.getvalue()).decode("utf-8")
return f"data:image/png;base64, {image_b64}"
def load_text(text_path):
text = ''
with open(text_path) as f:
text =
return text
def load_json(json_path):
jdata = ''
with open(json_path) as f:
jdata = json.load(f)
return jdata
def local_css(css_path):
with open(css_path) as f:
st.markdown(f'<style>{}</style>', unsafe_allow_html=True)
def remote_css(css_url):
st.markdown(f'<link href="{css_url}" rel="stylesheet">', unsafe_allow_html=True)
def unique_list(seq):
seen = set()
seen_add = seen.add
return [x for x in seq if not (x in seen or seen_add(x))]
def pure_comma_separation(list_str, return_list=True):
r = unique_list([item.strip() for item in list_str.lower().split(",") if item.strip()])
# r = list(set([x.strip() for x in list_str.strip().split(',') if len(x.strip()) > 0]))
if return_list:
return r
return ", ".join(r)