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CMUdict (the Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary) is a free
pronouncing dictionary of English, suitable for uses in speech
technology and is maintained by the Speech Group in the School of
Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.
The Carnegie Mellon Speech Group does not guarantee the accuracy of
this dictionary, nor its suitability for any specific purpose. In
fact, we expect a number of errors, omissions and inconsistencies to
remain in the dictionary. We intend to continually update the
dictionary by correction existing entries and by adding new ones. From
time to time a new major version will be released.
We welcome input from users: Please send email to Alex Rudnicky
The Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary, in its current and
previous versions is Copyright (C) 1993-2014 by Carnegie Mellon
University. Use of this dictionary for any research or commercial
purpose is completely unrestricted. If you make use of or
redistribute this material we request that you acknowledge its
origin in your descriptions.
If you add words to or correct words in your version of this
dictionary, we would appreciate it if you could send these additions
and corrections to us (air+cmudict@cs.cmu.edu) for consideration in a
subsequent version. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by
the current maintainer, Alex Rudnicky at Carnegie Mellon.