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{"name": "Alan_Traherne", "url": "", "text": "Alan Traherne\nAlan Traherne was a motion picture sound technician from Twin Peaks, Washington.\nBiography\nTraherne attended Warren G. Harding Elementary School in the same class as Margaret Coulson and Carl Rodd. On September 9, 1947, all three were abducted while on a nature hike near the Pearl Lakes. The incident was witnessed by Douglas Milford, who had been compelled by an unknown force to visit a location in the woods he remembered from his own childhood. There, a large dark shape shone a bright beam of light onto the three children, who then disappeared along with the object.\nTraherne, Rodd, and Coulson were found at the nearby campground the following day by Andrew Packard's scout troop. They were unharmed and appeared to believe that only an hour had passed since they entered the woods. All three underwent a medical exam and were released.\nTraherne graduated from Twin Peaks High School in 1958 and attended community college in Spokane. He moved to Los Angeles and found work as a sound technician in the motion picture industry. Records indicated that he may have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and attended a survivors' group for UFO abductees in the 1980s.\nTraherne passed away in 1988 due to complications from cancer."}