BlendGAN /
Ahsen Khaliq
import os
import gradio as gr
from PIL import Image
os.system('pip install dlib')
os.system("wget -P /home/user/app/ffhq_dataset/")
from ffhq_dataset.gen_aligned_image import FaceAlign
fa = FaceAlign()
import cv2
def inference(content, style, index):'content.png')'style.png')
imgc = cv2.imread('content.png')
img_cropc = fa.get_crop_image(imgc)
cv2.imwrite('contentcrop.png', img_cropc)
os.system("""python --size 1024 --add_weight_index """+str(int(index))+""" --ckpt ./ --psp_encoder_ckpt ./ --style_img_path style.png --input_img_path contentcrop.png""")
return "out.jpg"
title = "BlendGAN"
description = "Gradio Demo for BlendGAN: Implicitly GAN Blending for Arbitrary Stylized Face Generation. To use it, simply upload your images, or click one of the examples to load them. Read more at the links below. Please use a cropped portrait picture for best results similar to the examples below."
article = "<p style='text-align: center'><a href='' target='_blank'>BlendGAN: Implicitly GAN Blending for Arbitrary Stylized Face Generation</a> | <a href='' target='_blank'>Github Repo</a></p><p style='text-align: center'>samples from repo: <img src='' alt='animation'/> <img src='' alt='animation'/></p>"
gr.Interface(inference, [gr.inputs.Image(type="pil"),gr.inputs.Image(type="pil"),gr.inputs.Slider(minimum=1, maximum=30, step=1, default=6, label="Weight Index")
], gr.outputs.Image(type="file"),title=title,description=description,article=article,enable_queue=True,examples=examples,allow_flagging=False).launch()