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Duplicate from Sybghat/resume-parser
from Models import Models
from ResumeSegmenter import ResumeSegmenter
from datetime import datetime
from dateutil import parser
import re
from string import punctuation
class ResumeParser:
def __init__(self, ner, ner_dates, zero_shot_classifier, tagger):
self.models = Models()
self.segmenter = ResumeSegmenter(zero_shot_classifier)
self.ner, self.ner_dates, self.zero_shot_classifier, self.tagger = ner, ner_dates, zero_shot_classifier, tagger
self.parsed_cv = {}
def parse(self, resume_lines):
resume_segments = self.segmenter.segment(resume_lines)
print("***************************** Parsing the Resume...***************************** ")
for segment_name in resume_segments:
if segment_name == "work_and_employment":
resume_segment = resume_segments[segment_name]
elif segment_name == "contact_info":
contact_info = resume_segments[segment_name]
elif segment_name == "education_and_training":
education_and_training = resume_segments[segment_name]
elif segment_name == "skills_header":
skills_header = resume_segments[segment_name]
print("************************************** SKILLS HEADER ***************************** <br>",skills_header)
return self.parsed_cv
def parse_education(self, education_and_training):
self.parsed_cv['Education'] = education_and_training
def parse_skills(self, skills_header):
self.parsed_cv['Skills'] = skills_header
def parse_contact_info(self, contact_info):
contact_info_dict = {}
name = self.find_person_name(contact_info)
email = self.find_contact_email(contact_info)
self.parsed_cv['Name'] = name
contact_info_dict["Email"] = email
self.parsed_cv['Contact Info'] = contact_info_dict
def find_person_name(self, items):
class_score = []
splitter = re.compile(r'[{}]+'.format(re.escape(punctuation.replace("&", "") )))
classes = ["person name", "address", "email", "title"]
for item in items:
elements = splitter.split(item)
for element in elements:
element = ''.join(i for i in element.strip() if not i.isdigit())
if not len(element.strip().split()) > 1: continue
out = self.zero_shot_classifier(element, classes)
highest = sorted(zip(out["labels"], out["scores"]), key=lambda x: x[1])[-1]
if highest[0] == "person name":
class_score.append((element, highest[1]))
if len(class_score):
return sorted(class_score, key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)[0][0]
return ""
def find_contact_email(self, items):
for item in items:
match ='[\w.+-]+@[\w-]+\.[\w.-]+', item)
if match:
return ""
def parse_job_history(self, resume_segment):
idx_job_title = self.get_job_titles(resume_segment)
current_and_below = False
if not len(idx_job_title):
self.parsed_cv["Job History"] = []
if idx_job_title[0][0] == 0: current_and_below = True
job_history = []
for ls_idx, (idx, job_title) in enumerate(idx_job_title):
job_info = {}
# print("<br> Job Title: ",job_title)
job_info["Job Title"] = self.filter_job_title(job_title)
# company
if current_and_below: line1, line2 = idx, idx+1
else: line1, line2 = idx, idx-1
job_info["Company"] = self.get_job_company(line1, line2, resume_segment)
if current_and_below: st_span = idx
else: st_span = idx-1
# Dates
if ls_idx == len(idx_job_title) - 1: end_span = len(resume_segment)
else: end_span = idx_job_title[ls_idx+1][0]
start, end = self.get_job_dates(st_span, end_span, resume_segment)
job_info["Start Date"] = start
job_info["End Date"] = end
# if(start != "" and end != ""):
self.parsed_cv["Job History"] = job_history
def get_job_titles(self, resume_segment):
classes = ["organization", "institution", "company", "job title", "work details"]
idx_line = []
for idx, line in enumerate(resume_segment):
has_verb = False
line_modifed = ''.join(i for i in line if not i.isdigit())
sentence = self.models.get_flair_sentence(line_modifed)
tags = []
for entity in sentence.get_spans('pos'):
if entity.tag.startswith("V"):
has_verb = True
most_common_tag = max(set(tags), key=tags.count)
if (most_common_tag == "NNP") or (most_common_tag == "NN"):
# if most_common_tag == "NNP":
if not has_verb:
out = self.zero_shot_classifier(line, classes)
class_score = zip(out["labels"], out["scores"])
highest = sorted(class_score, key=lambda x: x[1])[-1]
if (highest[0] == "job title") or (highest[0] == "organization"):
# if highest[0] == "job title":
idx_line.append((idx, line))
return idx_line
def get_job_dates(self, st, end, resume_segment):
search_span = resume_segment[st:end]
dates = []
for line in search_span:
for dt in self.get_ner_in_line(line, "DATE"):
if self.isvalidyear(dt.strip()):
if len(dates): first = dates[0]
exists_second = False
if len(dates) > 1:
exists_second = True
second = dates[1]
if len(dates) > 0:
if self.has_two_dates(first):
d1, d2 = self.get_two_dates(first)
return self.format_date(d1), self.format_date(d2)
elif exists_second and self.has_two_dates(second):
d1, d2 = self.get_two_dates(second)
return self.format_date(d1), self.format_date(d2)
if exists_second:
st = self.format_date(first)
end = self.format_date(second)
return st, end
return (self.format_date(first), "")
else: return ("", "")
def filter_job_title(self, job_title):
job_title_splitter = re.compile(r'[{}]+'.format(re.escape(punctuation.replace("&", "") )))
job_title = ''.join(i for i in job_title if not i.isdigit())
tokens = job_title_splitter.split(job_title)
tokens = [''.join([i for i in tok.strip() if (i.isalpha() or i.strip()=="")]) for tok in tokens if tok.strip()]
classes = ["company", "organization", "institution", "job title", "responsibility", "details"]
new_title = []
for token in tokens:
if not token: continue
res = self.zero_shot_classifier(token, classes)
class_score = zip(res["labels"], res["scores"])
highest = sorted(class_score, key=lambda x: x[1])[-1]
if (highest[0] == "job title") or (highest[0] == "organization"):
# if highest[0] == "job title":
if len(new_title):
return ', '.join(new_title)
else: return ', '.join(tokens)
def has_two_dates(self, date):
years = self.get_valid_years()
count = 0
for year in years:
if year in str(date):
return count == 2
def get_two_dates(self, date):
years = self.get_valid_years()
idxs = []
for year in years:
if year in date:
min_idx = min(idxs)
first = date[:min_idx+4]
second = date[min_idx+4:]
return first, second
def get_valid_years(self):
current_year =
years = [str(i) for i in range(current_year-100, current_year)]
return years
def format_date(self, date):
out = self.parse_date(date)
if out:
return out
date = self.clean_date(date)
out = self.parse_date(date)
if out:
return out
return date
def clean_date(self, date):
date = ''.join(i for i in date if i.isalnum() or i =='-' or i == '/')
return date
return date
def parse_date(self, date):
date = parser.parse(date)
return date.strftime("%m-%Y")
date = datetime(date)
return date.strftime("%m-%Y")
return 0
def isvalidyear(self, date):
current_year =
years = [str(i) for i in range(current_year-100, current_year)]
for year in years:
if year in str(date):
return True
return False
def get_ner_in_line(self, line, entity_type):
if entity_type == "DATE": ner = self.ner_dates
else: ner = self.ner
return [i['word'] for i in ner(line) if i['entity_group'] == entity_type]
def get_job_company(self, idx, idx1, resume_segment):
job_title = resume_segment[idx]
if not idx1 <= len(resume_segment)-1: context = ""
else:context = resume_segment[idx1]
candidate_companies = self.get_ner_in_line(job_title, "ORG") + self.get_ner_in_line(context, "ORG")
classes = ["organization", "company", "institution", "not organization", "not company", "not institution"]
scores = []
for comp in candidate_companies:
res = self.zero_shot_classifier(comp, classes)['scores']
sorted_cmps = sorted(zip(candidate_companies, scores), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)
if len(sorted_cmps): return sorted_cmps[0][0]
return context