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Question 1: What is the contract name?
Question 2: Who are the parties that signed the contract?
Question 3: What is the agreement date of the contract?
Question 4: What is the date when the contract is effective?
Question 5: What date will the contract's initial term expire?
Question 6: What is the renewal term after the initial term expires?
Question 7: What is the notice period required to terminate renewal?
Question 8: Which state/country's law governs the interpretation of the contract?
Question 9: What happens if a third party gets better terms in the contract?
Question 10: What is the restriction on the ability of a party to compete with the counterparty?
Question 11: Is there an exclusive dealing commitment with the counterparty?
Question 12: Is a party restricted from contracting or soliciting customers?
Question 13: What are the competitive restriction exceptions in the contract?
Question 14: Is there a restriction on a party’s soliciting or hiring employees?
Question 15: Is there a requirement on a party not to disparage the counterparty?
Question 16: Can a party terminate this contract without cause?
Question 17: What are the terms granting for right of first refusal, first offer, or negotiation?
Question 18: What are the terms about right of termination?
Question 19: Is consent or notice required of a party if the contract is assigned to a third party?
Question 20: What are the terms for revenue and profit sharing?
Question 21: What are the restrictions to raise or reduce prices of technology, goods, or services provided?
Question 22: Is there a minimum order size or minimum amount or units per-time period?
Question 23: What are the volume restrictions if one party’s use of the product/services exceeds certain threshold?
Question 24: What are the terms about intellectual property created by one party?
Question 25: What terms are related to joint IP ownership?
Question 26: Does the contract contain a license granted by one party to its counterparty?
Question 27: Does the contract limit the ability of a party to transfer the license being granted to a third party?
Question 28: Does the contract contain a license grant by affiliates of the licensor?
Question 29: Does the contract contain a license grant to a licensee?
Question 30: Is there a clause granting one party an “enterprise,” “all you can eat” or unlimited usage license?
Question 31: Does the contract contain a license grant that is irrevocable or perpetual?
Question 32: Is one party required to deposit its source code into escrow with a third party?
Question 33: Is a party subject to obligations after the termination or expiration of a contract?
Question 34: Does a party have the right to audit the books, records, or physical locations of the counterparty?
Question 35: Is a party’s liability uncapped upon the breach of its obligation in the contract?
Question 36: Does the contract include a cap on liability upon the breach of a party’s obligation?
Question 37: What clauses would either award either party liquidated damages for breach?
Question 38: What is the duration of any warranty against defects or errors in technology, products, or services?
Question 39: What are the requirements for insurance that must be maintained?
Question 40: What sections describe the covenant not to sue?
Question 41: What clauses relate to third-party beneficiaries?