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import os
import gradio as gr
import googlemaps
from skimage import io
from urllib import parse
from inferences import ClimateGAN
API_KEY = os.environ.get("API_KEY")
gmaps = googlemaps.Client(key=API_KEY)
model = ClimateGAN(model_path="config/model/masker")
def predict(place):
geocode_result = gmaps.geocode(place)
address = geocode_result[0]['formatted_address']
static_map_url = f"{parse.quote(address)}&source=outdoor&key={API_KEY}"
img_np = io.imread(static_map_url)
flood, wildfire, smog = model.inference(img_np)
return img_np, flood, wildfire, smog
gr.inputs.Textbox(label="Address or place name"),
gr.outputs.Image(type="numpy", label="Original image"),
gr.outputs.Image(type="numpy", label="Flooding"),
gr.outputs.Image(type="numpy", label="Wildfire"),
gr.outputs.Image(type="numpy", label="Smog"),
title="ClimateGAN: Visualize Climate Change",
description="Climate change does not impact everyone equally. This Space shows the effects of the climate emergency, \"one address at a time\". Visit the original experience at <a href=\"\"></a>.<br>Enter an address or place name, and ClimateGAN will generate images showing how the location could be impacted by flooding, wildfires, or smog.",
article="<p style='text-align: center'>This project is an unofficial clone of <a href=''>ThisClimateDoesNotExist</a> | <a href=''>ClimateGAN GitHub Repo</a></p>",
"Vancouver Art Gallery",
"Chicago Bean",
"Duomo Siracusa",
css=".footer{display:none !important}",