dreambooth / convertosd.py
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Duplicate from multimodalart/dreambooth-training
# Script for converting a HF Diffusers saved pipeline to a Stable Diffusion checkpoint.
# *Only* converts the UNet, VAE, and Text Encoder.
# Does not convert optimizer state or any other thing.
# Written by jachiam
import argparse
import os.path as osp
import torch
import gc
# =================#
# UNet Conversion #
# =================#
unet_conversion_map = [
# (stable-diffusion, HF Diffusers)
("time_embed.0.weight", "time_embedding.linear_1.weight"),
("time_embed.0.bias", "time_embedding.linear_1.bias"),
("time_embed.2.weight", "time_embedding.linear_2.weight"),
("time_embed.2.bias", "time_embedding.linear_2.bias"),
("input_blocks.0.0.weight", "conv_in.weight"),
("input_blocks.0.0.bias", "conv_in.bias"),
("out.0.weight", "conv_norm_out.weight"),
("out.0.bias", "conv_norm_out.bias"),
("out.2.weight", "conv_out.weight"),
("out.2.bias", "conv_out.bias"),
unet_conversion_map_resnet = [
# (stable-diffusion, HF Diffusers)
("in_layers.0", "norm1"),
("in_layers.2", "conv1"),
("out_layers.0", "norm2"),
("out_layers.3", "conv2"),
("emb_layers.1", "time_emb_proj"),
("skip_connection", "conv_shortcut"),
unet_conversion_map_layer = []
# hardcoded number of downblocks and resnets/attentions...
# would need smarter logic for other networks.
for i in range(4):
# loop over downblocks/upblocks
for j in range(2):
# loop over resnets/attentions for downblocks
hf_down_res_prefix = f"down_blocks.{i}.resnets.{j}."
sd_down_res_prefix = f"input_blocks.{3*i + j + 1}.0."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_down_res_prefix, hf_down_res_prefix))
if i < 3:
# no attention layers in down_blocks.3
hf_down_atn_prefix = f"down_blocks.{i}.attentions.{j}."
sd_down_atn_prefix = f"input_blocks.{3*i + j + 1}.1."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_down_atn_prefix, hf_down_atn_prefix))
for j in range(3):
# loop over resnets/attentions for upblocks
hf_up_res_prefix = f"up_blocks.{i}.resnets.{j}."
sd_up_res_prefix = f"output_blocks.{3*i + j}.0."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_up_res_prefix, hf_up_res_prefix))
if i > 0:
# no attention layers in up_blocks.0
hf_up_atn_prefix = f"up_blocks.{i}.attentions.{j}."
sd_up_atn_prefix = f"output_blocks.{3*i + j}.1."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_up_atn_prefix, hf_up_atn_prefix))
if i < 3:
# no downsample in down_blocks.3
hf_downsample_prefix = f"down_blocks.{i}.downsamplers.0.conv."
sd_downsample_prefix = f"input_blocks.{3*(i+1)}.0.op."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_downsample_prefix, hf_downsample_prefix))
# no upsample in up_blocks.3
hf_upsample_prefix = f"up_blocks.{i}.upsamplers.0."
sd_upsample_prefix = f"output_blocks.{3*i + 2}.{1 if i == 0 else 2}."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_upsample_prefix, hf_upsample_prefix))
hf_mid_atn_prefix = "mid_block.attentions.0."
sd_mid_atn_prefix = "middle_block.1."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_mid_atn_prefix, hf_mid_atn_prefix))
for j in range(2):
hf_mid_res_prefix = f"mid_block.resnets.{j}."
sd_mid_res_prefix = f"middle_block.{2*j}."
unet_conversion_map_layer.append((sd_mid_res_prefix, hf_mid_res_prefix))
def convert_unet_state_dict(unet_state_dict):
# buyer beware: this is a *brittle* function,
# and correct output requires that all of these pieces interact in
# the exact order in which I have arranged them.
mapping = {k: k for k in unet_state_dict.keys()}
for sd_name, hf_name in unet_conversion_map:
mapping[hf_name] = sd_name
for k, v in mapping.items():
if "resnets" in k:
for sd_part, hf_part in unet_conversion_map_resnet:
v = v.replace(hf_part, sd_part)
mapping[k] = v
for k, v in mapping.items():
for sd_part, hf_part in unet_conversion_map_layer:
v = v.replace(hf_part, sd_part)
mapping[k] = v
new_state_dict = {v: unet_state_dict[k] for k, v in mapping.items()}
return new_state_dict
# ================#
# VAE Conversion #
# ================#
vae_conversion_map = [
# (stable-diffusion, HF Diffusers)
("nin_shortcut", "conv_shortcut"),
("norm_out", "conv_norm_out"),
("mid.attn_1.", "mid_block.attentions.0."),
for i in range(4):
# down_blocks have two resnets
for j in range(2):
hf_down_prefix = f"encoder.down_blocks.{i}.resnets.{j}."
sd_down_prefix = f"encoder.down.{i}.block.{j}."
vae_conversion_map.append((sd_down_prefix, hf_down_prefix))
if i < 3:
hf_downsample_prefix = f"down_blocks.{i}.downsamplers.0."
sd_downsample_prefix = f"down.{i}.downsample."
vae_conversion_map.append((sd_downsample_prefix, hf_downsample_prefix))
hf_upsample_prefix = f"up_blocks.{i}.upsamplers.0."
sd_upsample_prefix = f"up.{3-i}.upsample."
vae_conversion_map.append((sd_upsample_prefix, hf_upsample_prefix))
# up_blocks have three resnets
# also, up blocks in hf are numbered in reverse from sd
for j in range(3):
hf_up_prefix = f"decoder.up_blocks.{i}.resnets.{j}."
sd_up_prefix = f"decoder.up.{3-i}.block.{j}."
vae_conversion_map.append((sd_up_prefix, hf_up_prefix))
# this part accounts for mid blocks in both the encoder and the decoder
for i in range(2):
hf_mid_res_prefix = f"mid_block.resnets.{i}."
sd_mid_res_prefix = f"mid.block_{i+1}."
vae_conversion_map.append((sd_mid_res_prefix, hf_mid_res_prefix))
vae_conversion_map_attn = [
# (stable-diffusion, HF Diffusers)
("norm.", "group_norm."),
("q.", "query."),
("k.", "key."),
("v.", "value."),
("proj_out.", "proj_attn."),
def reshape_weight_for_sd(w):
# convert HF linear weights to SD conv2d weights
return w.reshape(*w.shape, 1, 1)
def convert_vae_state_dict(vae_state_dict):
mapping = {k: k for k in vae_state_dict.keys()}
for k, v in mapping.items():
for sd_part, hf_part in vae_conversion_map:
v = v.replace(hf_part, sd_part)
mapping[k] = v
for k, v in mapping.items():
if "attentions" in k:
for sd_part, hf_part in vae_conversion_map_attn:
v = v.replace(hf_part, sd_part)
mapping[k] = v
new_state_dict = {v: vae_state_dict[k] for k, v in mapping.items()}
weights_to_convert = ["q", "k", "v", "proj_out"]
print("Converting to CKPT ...")
for k, v in new_state_dict.items():
for weight_name in weights_to_convert:
if f"mid.attn_1.{weight_name}.weight" in k:
new_state_dict[k] = reshape_weight_for_sd(v)
return new_state_dict
# =========================#
# Text Encoder Conversion #
# =========================#
# pretty much a no-op
def convert_text_enc_state_dict(text_enc_dict):
return text_enc_dict
def convert(model_path, checkpoint_path):
unet_path = osp.join(model_path, "unet", "diffusion_pytorch_model.bin")
vae_path = osp.join(model_path, "vae", "diffusion_pytorch_model.bin")
text_enc_path = osp.join(model_path, "text_encoder", "pytorch_model.bin")
# Convert the UNet model
unet_state_dict = torch.load(unet_path, map_location='cpu')
unet_state_dict = convert_unet_state_dict(unet_state_dict)
unet_state_dict = {"model.diffusion_model." + k: v for k, v in unet_state_dict.items()}
# Convert the VAE model
vae_state_dict = torch.load(vae_path, map_location='cpu')
vae_state_dict = convert_vae_state_dict(vae_state_dict)
vae_state_dict = {"first_stage_model." + k: v for k, v in vae_state_dict.items()}
# Convert the text encoder model
text_enc_dict = torch.load(text_enc_path, map_location='cpu')
text_enc_dict = convert_text_enc_state_dict(text_enc_dict)
text_enc_dict = {"cond_stage_model.transformer." + k: v for k, v in text_enc_dict.items()}
# Put together new checkpoint
state_dict = {**unet_state_dict, **vae_state_dict, **text_enc_dict}
state_dict = {k:v.half() for k,v in state_dict.items()}
state_dict = {"state_dict": state_dict}
torch.save(state_dict, checkpoint_path)
del state_dict, text_enc_dict, vae_state_dict, unet_state_dict