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from typing import Dict, List, Any
from setfit import SetFitModel
class EndpointHandler:
def __init__(self, path=""):
# load model
self.model = SetFitModel.from_pretrained(path)
# ag_news id to label mapping
self.id2label = {0: "World", 1: "Sports", 2: "Business", 3: "Sci/Tech"}
def __call__(self, data: Dict[str, Any]) -> List[Dict[str, Any]]:
data args:
inputs (:obj: `str`)
A :obj:`list` | `dict`: will be serialized and returned
# get inputs
inputs = data.pop("inputs", data)
if isinstance(inputs, str):
inputs = [inputs]
# run normal prediction
scores = self.model.predict_proba(inputs)[0]
return [{"label": self.id2label[i], "score": score.item()} for i, score in enumerate(scores)]